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Where can I read Japanese Manga- free?


7 Sep 2003

I mean that I want sites which provides manga scans like toriyamaworld.com
but I want the orginal japanese manga not the english translation.

Anyone know such sites, please put the links here.
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+Seraphim+ doumo arigatou gozaimasu

I'd like you to explain how to doenload manga from this site, Where should I go first?
click "scanslation"
oh, yeah! i'm saying thanks for the link too! *will definitely check out elsewhere*

MtoM said:
+Seraphim+ doumo arigatou gozaimasu

I'd like you to explain how to doenload manga from this site, Where should I go first?

Go to the link titled, "Scanalations." Click it. Don't bother read through all the stuff and just find the big, "NOT" at the top and there is a link connected to it. Find a manga that you think you would like to download. Click the picture beside the title. Then a page will come up were it will give you the links to download the chapters. It is a bit time-consuming to download a longer manga (such as Yami no Matsuei, etc.) due to you having to download each chapter one by one, but it is worth it. Just about all the mangas the translate are awesome! Like I said before, I HIGHLY recommend Ludwig Kakumei! It's my absolute fav. at the moment (right up by Angel Sanctuary). Hope you enjoy and find something you like. Happy Reading! :giggle:
for other readers/lurkers, the colors of the links (pink/blue) are of significant importance
suggest reading the directions/legends carefully beforehand :)
again, thanks for the link!
Although this site is good, it's not exactly what I asked.
I wanted mangascan of mangas in japanese Not in english.

hope you can help me finding such sites

thank you again!
thet would require some serious searching imo -- the sites i have seen like that charge money
copyright laws are more stringent over there than they are here (afaik)?
something to try would be to find various mangaka pages and check their links
even djshis aren't online (for free)
some text to use:
good luck!
"the sites i have seen like that charge money"
e-manga (google) is an example of this
Just curious...anyone know where I can read Hot Gimmick for free? I've only found one site with a Hot Gimmick scanlation, but it's only vol. 1 which I've already have and read, I want to read anything from vol. 4 or beyond...many thanks if anyone can help me out ;)


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