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Where can I meet Japanese people online to chat?



Hey, I was wondering were I can meet some Japanese people online to chat and maybe learn a thing or two. preferably females, but I'll take what I can find. Any sites or something? Help me out.
Yeah, that will be nice LOlz, but I think there is no such place or chatroom like what you have described. (if you find one, please share with all of us, thank you)
err, and here i thought the internet had everything. i was hoping for like a penpal, but i found some and u had to pay. no way am i payin for that.
There are some around. You can usually find it doing a search on Yahoo! Japan, doing the search in Japanese, of course. Most of those "chat room" aren't your usual java type rooms, but more of those "refreshing every 30 second" webpages (though you can manualy refresh the page to see messages faster).


Unless you know some japanese (to find the chatroom in a japanese search engine then chat) you'll have a hard time mate.

Granted they are more in Japan match making sites but there's plenty of girls on their that just want to be mail friends so you may have some luck.
if you want a penpal go to www.japan-guide.com and post an ad. many people like myself will testify to how well this works as you get about ten people responding to your ad (98% female) hope that helps!
In 2012, here are some new options

I know this thread was posted in 2004, but now that it's 2012 there are several good new options. (Also, the above-linked sites except for Japan Guide are no longer in operation.)

First of all, this site, Japan Reference, now has a friendship area here:
JapanReference | The Place to Meet Successful Singles Like Japan!

If you want to improve your Japanese, there's Lang-8, a general purpose language exchange site:
Lang-8 - Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange | Lang-8

If you're looking for something more Japan-specific, another option is Oh My Japan, which allows you to search for friendship, language exchange, teachers, and/or romance:
Oh My Japan | Learn Japanese.Make lifelong friends.
(Disclaimer: I am the lead developer behind this site.)

I hope you find this information useful!
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