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Where can I get BoA's album 'Race of a Thousand Camels'


22 Jan 2004
Does anyone know where I can download this. I can't buy it because no where sells it. Does anyone have it and could get it to me somehow?

~MizLod 😊

EDIT: Here is the font cover link: http://chaos2.org/boa/img/boa-camels.jpg

I'll try to attach it.

I don't know where you can download it but they most likely have it for sale at yesasia or cdjapan. Have you tried there yet?
Err... just so everyone who reads this knows, BOA IS NOT BoA.. BOA is a U.K group [I think U.K] that did the opening song for LAIN and BoA is a Korean/Japanese singer that did the ending theme song for Inuyasha... but you can buy the album from CDJAPAN
Ah! SO there's a difference! I was wondering if it was the same group. Thanks for the clear up ikuni-web! :)
You could buy the English version of their album which is called "Twilight", it's a lot more widely available. It's got the same songs as "Race..." plus a couple more that aren't on the Japanese version (such as Duvet acoustic version, which is great), so I think it's better value to get Twilight, western releases are cheaper than Japanese ones as well. Unless you really want the Japanese version that is.
Whats Cd Japan? I've never heard of it before... :mad:

So there is an English version. Is it available in Borders? I could try there.

:( I was hoping BoA Kwon was the artist of all those cool songs ^^ Ah well.

I love her new album Love and Honesty. But BOA is cool too :p Do you know why they are called BOA?

~MizLod 😄
Just to weigh in with some information...

CD Japan is a website for a Japanese entertainment distributor who ships worldwide... they have good prices and fairly fast turnaround on orders. I've never been disappointed ordering CDs from them...

CDJapan : Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD

For BOA's album "Twilight", I found my copy at a Borders store... so that's probably a good place to look. But keep in mind that I bought my copy over two years ago, so I'm not sure what they might have in stock... I don't see why they wouldn't be able to order it, though.

Hope you have good luck finding that CD... it's a great one!

geez i thought u meant BoA = korean/japanese singer.. i was bout to say.. dont get all mixed up by the way it was typed out =T

anyway why not look for it on kazaa or winmx, u might find something from there
I tried using Kazaa for around 2 months and got heaps of music, avis... and what not.... but eventally my laptop got infected with viruses and had to uninstall it. So I'm afraid I can't search there for it.

:( Does anyone have it and could put it on the net or something?
MizLod: Could you just clarify... are you interested at all in actually buying the BOA CD if it were available, or are you only interested in downloading it for free somewhere? If you're only interested in DL then I'll stop searching around for you, but if you're interested in buying...

As mentioned before, CD Japan lists "Race of a Thousand Camels" as In-Stock with a price of about $26... which beats the list price at Amazon/Borders by almost $15! As for "Twilight", I don't know what that CD's situation is, but a bunch of used CD sellers at Amazon have jacked the price of it up to at least $65... why the high price? Anyone know?

If $26 is too steep but you're still interested in buying it, I'll keep my eyes open around my local record stores... I found "Twilight" at a local Borders, so I might be able to find it again. That price would be more like $16, I figure...

So again, the CD *is* available for sale at two *major* Internet shops if you want it... and you also have someone willing to find it for you (if possible). It's up to you...
The problem is I am willing to buy the CD... but I'm under 18 and my parents won't let me order anything over the internet. So if anyone knows of a place where I can download it then I wouldn't have to order it. I've checked out Borders and they don't have Twilight (the English one) so I am stuffed.

Quoting MHtrStevie:
and you also have someone willing to find it for you (if possible). It's up to you...
Are you saying you'll buy it for me or something? o__O
I was thinking that if the higher price was a stumbling block for you, I'd keep my eyes open at the record stores in my area... I'd have no problem helping out a fellow BOA fan by getting a copy here and sending it out, provided I could be reimbursed. However, if the problem is that you don't have permission to order even from reputable Internet shops, then I doubt you'd have permission to send money to a complete stranger on an Internet forum...

But I think it's a pretty long shot to find "Twilight" in a record store anywhere, due to its age and probably being out-of-print (why else would Amazon users be jacking up the price of used copies?)... so I'm sorry I can't be of any more help, but I'm not in a position to do online music trading with my copy... maybe someone else can be of assistance.

Did you ask your local Borders about doing a special order? That might be a way around it... Borders seems to be tied into Amazon, so they might be able to order anything in their Internet catalog into the store. Then you could just head to the store and get it... might take a little longer, but why not?

Good luck and again, sorry I can't help out!
My last note on this subject...

OK, after some more searching, I was able to find this out... I know this isn't J-Pop related per se, but it should be noted for this thread. All this information comes from BOA's official webiste, which is quite good for finding out the latest on this great group:


1. "Twilight" is most definitely out-of-print, despite Borders' website still listing it as available for order. In fact, this album is so rare that even the band itself is having trouble scrounging up copies! For those of us in the USA, consider yourself lucky if you own it... apparently only about 1,000 copies were actually shipped here!

2. "Race of a Thousand Camels" seems to be more plentiful, but of course this is a Japanese release and therefore only available at Japanese stores and through the Internet.

3. BOA is preparing a new album and is looking to self-publish, if I'm understanding correctly. That means that there may be more copies of "Twilight" coming... but it appears more likely that they'll make both "Twilight" and the new album available for DL through their website. I'd assume this will be a pay service, though... wait and see...

4. Someone in BOA's forums talked about DLing their songs on Kazaa due to the scarcity of CDs, so I assume if you look hard enough you can probably find them there.

Keep up on the BOA website for more details! I'm psyched to hear they'll be releasing more music soon... happy hunting, everyone!

Would you beleive it??? I actually found a site with it on there....


I'm not sure if it works yet. But its free so Im not complaining. Apparently they have to add the music to your cart or something. I hope it works!!

Thanks for all of your help ppl! I am so thankful! Arigatou!!!

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