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Where can I find Mongol 800 and Potshot mp3's?


9 Aug 2003
Anyone have any idea where I can get mp3's by these bands or any other j-punk/j-ska bands?
Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution is a rather great song 👏
Those are quite hard to find. If you're lucky (and patient) you might be able to score some on WinMX, but i haven't had any luck so far.
Soulseek is good for Mp3s, although i would reccomend buying original cd instead =P
They're indies bands. Their popularity is not as widespread as the charttoppers.
But i just did another search on WinMX and it turned out they're actually not that hard to find.
I'm obviously new to the board, as this is my first post. I'm really into bands like Eastern Youth and Quruli. Are there any others that you could suggest? I guess indie rock is that sound that I'm looking for. Oh, and where are good places to purchase Japanese CDs online?
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