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Where are you Takaya? Jenna misses you...


23 Oct 2002
About a year previously, my grandparents had a Japanese tourist stay with them. During that time, because of my interest in Japanese culture, Takaya Sekine became a close friend who taught me many things and corrected my Japanese speaking skills. He left to go back to Tokyo about a month ago, and I cannot locate him. I believe he lives in an apartment in Tokyo, and is 27 years old and studying horticulture at University I am pretty sure. Before Takaya Sekine went home to Tokyo, he went to stay in Queensland and if anyone happened to come accross him and hear of his travels to Australia, please ask of a girl named Jenna Windley, and tell him how much I and my family miss him. Thank you so much.

- Jenna Windley ;)

P.S: I have enclosed a picture, it is not very clear but it may be of some help.


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Hi Jenna,

welcome to the board!

I hope you manage to get in touch with your friend.
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