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where are you brothers and sisters {Yabiku}


7 May 2002
I am trying to locate my brothers and sisters. My mother Toyoko Yamada married my father David Wiles and we moved to the United States in 1978, the year I was born. We lost contact with our family on my mothers side. My siblings names are Naomi, Juni Chi, Hajime, Minako, and Susumo Yabiku. If anyone can please help locate them email me. I want to tell me sister Naomi I named my only daughter after her. \Thank you, Michelle Donathan:(
Hi Michelle,

do you happen to have any additional info like where your mother's family used to live etc.?
Hi, Thomas. My mother in 1975 lived at 180-benchi Aza-Kawasaki Gushikawa-shi Okinawa-ken. She went to Takaesu elementary and junior high school located in Aza-Takaesu Gushikawa. Her ex husband Moken Yabiku in 1975 lived at 22-3-benchi Azuma-cho Naha-shi.They got married at the Gushikawa City Hall.
My grandparents in 1975 lived at 180-benchi Aza-Kawasaki Gushikawa-shi Okinawa #1273-3 Takaharo Okinawa-shi.
My aunts and uncles are Fumiko, Hideko, and Sueki Yamada.
My sister Naomi Yabiku did get married and last name changed to Higa but don't know if she got a divorce. Her address in 1975 was #22-3 Azuma-cho Naha. She was born Feb. 3, 1960
My other sister Minako Oct. 26, 1965 last known address in 1975 is same as Naomis
Hajime Yabiko, my brother was born Nov. 13, 1967 same address as above
Susumo Yabiku was born April 19 1963. Also same address above.
My grandmother Kame Yamada, maiden name Aguni was born April 4, 1913 and my grandfather Gisuke Yamada was born November 24, 1914
If you need more info I got five character refferences she used in 1975.
Thank you, Michelle Donathan
Hi Michelle,

I do hope it won't become my standard reply :p, but it seems the best solution is to "go official" and contact city halls of former residences, as Moyashi proposed a couple of threads ago. Since it's Okinawa in your case, perhaps you could even contact them in English...

As for the Karma thingy: take a look at this thread. It is not meant to be taken too serious, it's supposed to reflect a member's activity and acceptance among other members. Ok, I admit I was bored and just installed it. 👍
Would locating death records help? Do you know if they are easy to locate? How do I locate the Japanese Consolate and am I able to obtain a family registry?
I get the whole karma thing now. It really wasn't a bad idea!
Thanks for all your help! Shelly🙂
Interesting idea.

There's a consulate in LA ... others??? hehe phonebook ;)

I wonder if the consulate would help that far. But more importantly, they should be able to fill you in on the basics of the system (family "koseki" is what you're after) ... previously, it was pretty easy to get personal information on people but with the recent "new wives" (women marrying men ... the men don't know ... the divorcing / murdering them for alimony or life insurance) ... so times are getting a bit tougher.

If you were born in Japan and or had a Japanese passport (aka citizenship) until you were 20 then you should also be listed on the family registry. In which case you might be able to file for such a listing. Hmmmm wonder if you'll need a Hanko (chop / kanji name stamp) and Hanko shomei (proof of hanko registration) to get these materials. But then again, Japan is easing up on the use of hanko for foreignors.

Your idea might work!

Hello! I was born in Okinawa Japan on 2/14/78 and on my birth certificate it says U.S. Naval Regional Medical Center. I think my mom has a hanko, is it a stamp that bears the maiden name or something? And I also think she still has the registration papers. I heard it is hard to obtain a family registry and that they can deny you if you don't have a good enough reason. Is finding siblings you haven't seen since you were a couple months old a good enough reason? And do you happen to know the price of the registry/koseki? thank you, Shelly:D

I sent you a private email. Please reply! I am married to your cousin Izumi and have been trying to find your mother for your sisters since 1997. I have pictures of your sisters and grandparents to prove it! Write soon.
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