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Where Are They?


16 Jan 2004
Say, whatever happened to Two-Mix? Did they die off entirely? I liked them a lot a few years ago, before I really got into japanese music, but I have yet to see them on any of the forums I've looked at (quite a few.) I tried looking them up on p2p, just to see if they'd done anything new, and I hardly got any search results at all. They used to be fairly popular on napster and morpheus!

I mean, they've performed for several animes, and did some pretty catchy things in my opinion. So where did they go? Was the last thing they released Gravity Zero?

Where's my Just Communication?
yeah i know a bit
actually they're the reason i got into j-pop
this is the first post i read that mentioned them
i don't know where they went but i m still looking
if you know of any sites tell me
and also downloads
i ll see what i can scroung up for you
A thousand thanks. It's strange that they'd just fall off the face of the earth like that.
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