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When you accidently bump against one member of Yakuza.


4 Dec 2002
when you accidently bump against one member of Yakuza. they surround you and decide to bully you. what will you do?
speak english
play dead
run like a rabbit
not bump into them in the first place

i dunno.!?!

a.) pray to heaven
b.) ask Scotty to beam me up
c.) unlock my AK-47
but most likely d.) avoid getting into such situations in the first place

i will...

1. hit and run.(not drive car, i mean just punch and run)

2. point at somewhere and "look!" then run.

3. um... just fight...

i wonder... will they accept an apologize?
Originally posted by Twisted
I'd just buy them a beer and ask where they got those cool tattoos. :)

You ask me that and i'll snuff ya, ya homo-ginized milk, 2% will be your chances of livin', pulp free.

We're talking about the yakuza here, Josh.
Not a braindead weenie boy like you.
nah nah give em some tequila shots. i hear they like foreign liquor. ...or wait maybe that was a video game.
I don't know about you guys. But I would look down. And punch something that is breakable (Not including my fist) and just pretend that I'm crazy and Syco (like this crazy spelling of mine).

I'm a big guy, but I'll avoid any Conflicts if I have to. I'll just buy those drinks and tell the waiter that the Yakuza will pay for the bill and just run like hell.

They wouldn't bump me.

Most people in Japan avoid conflicts with me

But then again, when I lived there I was 240 at 5'8" and could bench 400lbs.

Besides, most Yakusa prolly' would not bother to do such a thing, just Chimpira.
scream.. SUSHIIII..
Kick there balls..
tell them they can F&&k off..
call the cops..
act like a fool and stare at them..
show them your gun..
talk kansai ben to look cool .. Nandeyanen..
shao said:
when you accidently bump against one member of Yakuza. they surround you and decide to bully you. what will you do?
When I worked at the wedding company, I more specifically worked at the hotel division, and we regularly got yakuza customers. I had run in's with them on several occasions, but based on my own personal opinion, your example is not very likely.
Most yakuza do not try to pick fights. In fact, most of them are actually quite nice. I had a friend in Yamaguchi prefecture who had his bike stolen, and a yakuza who just happened to be there bought him a new one! (My friend's story. I was not there.)
Having said that, at my hotel we had two yakuza who were more confrontational. I had to enforce the company rules, so I sometimes had to tell them things they didn't want to hear. The worst reaction I ever got was quite an earful. NO bullying, no later repercussions.
My impression is that for the most part yakuza are too smart to "waste" their time bullying us non-business related people.
In my experience, the ones you have to look out for are the motorcycle "bousouzoku" and other such people. In other words, the very bottom of the underworld, so to speak. These idiots are much more unpredictable than the yakuza.
Outside of the times they're fleecing customers at their questionable business establishments, yakuza tend to employ an us/them dichotomy when it comes to interactions with people around them. In other words, they don't go around getting in the faces of average people and intimidating them just for the hell of it. The "styling" or "fronting" comes in interactions with fellow yakuza, whether of their own group or another allied or rival group.

At the local pool I belong to I sometimes see a few guys who are quite obviously genuwine yakuza. They're among the best behaved people there. I also see quite a few guys who are quite obviously posers. They're the biggest jerks at the pool.
I totally agree with the tail-end of this thread. Assuming the OP's comment was based on experience, he probably bumped into a bunch of wannabe punks who any genuine yak wouldn't give the time of day to.
As I've read anyways, the actual Yakuza are no longer getting tattoos, wearing clothes that identify them as Yakuza, or bullying people as described. Some of them frequent posh restaurants, can speak a couple other languages, and are interested in higher learning.

They appear as well-spoken gentlemen, and they can blend in very well with the general populace. It does them no good to unnecessarily bring the heat down on themselves.

There are some underworld figures that one really does need to look out for though. My student related a story where an older man and a young girl were weaving all over the road. So my student stopped the car as far over to the side as possible. The car hit hers, the man then said it was both their faults (he was driving an old next to valueless car) and they should go to the police station. The policeman listened to the old man's story, which was that it was both their faults, and the student knew she shouldn't say anything.

There are a couple stories of either policeman or the victims of these guys being murdered after challenging the underworld's story. According to all the students present at the time, two of them made news.
Since the OP disappeared two years ago we're not likely to find out what his post was based on.

The next mystery is finding out why people revive long-dead threads instead of starting new ones.
mikecash said:
Since the OP disappeared two years ago we're not likely to find out what his post was based on.
Perhaps (s)he had posted post #0 with his arms twisted behind his back being told, "If you don't get a good answer by the 14th response, your life is over, gaijin-san !"
14th post said:
When I bumped into Yakuza....hmm..I would draw my katana and put up a really evil smile....mwuhahahaha
*dead silence*
mikecash said:
The next mystery is finding out why people revive long-dead threads instead of starting new ones.
That's easy; Dutch has recently joined the famed civilian ring of necromancers who are only acting out of fearful respect for the naziish forum watchpersons who waste not a second to pound down upon posting new threads on a dead-beat topic. To answer the original question, which is rather amusing as long as my arms are not twisted, I'd go, "The name is bond, james bond !"
"Ayaaaaahhhhhhhggggg ! Bhaaaaaaanzaaaaaai, long live the queen...... jingo-sama !" :D
So are you saying that he revived the dead thread to spite me?
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