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Whaz up?


10 Aug 2003
Hi @ all!
Whaz up? Today is a mighty great day! Don't you think so? I went wakeboarding, it' been soooooo cool! What about you? Have you ever wakeboarded or snowboarded or somethink like that? If you haven't till now, then you should come to Switzerland and just have a lot of fun.:)
Ciao from Switzerland!
What's Wakeboarding? Is it similar to surfing? I always wanted to Snowboard and Surf. But I just never had time to do any.
What about sandboarding? I think it's more enjoyable than snowboarding since you don't have to freeze to death (unless you're practicing indoors, which isn't even half as fun).
On the other hand, one mistake and you're full of scars and bruises:D
Sandboarding? Sounds good. Freezing and snowboarding? Not at all! Now in summer I'm going on a glacier and up there its quite warm (15C).... So there are people who go with shorts snowboarding... no joke!
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