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Whats your favorite part about Japan?


16 Apr 2002
Konichiwa !!! Hello , What's your favorite part about JApan??? The thing that most interests me is the old cutlture, and language . In school myv werst subject is English . I think Japanese is so much easier then english . I'm hoked on Japan , enything about Japan striks my intrest . My friends think it's an upsetion . I even listen to Japanese music: Jpop, and I can't understand the words !! I anone wants to make a poll please do .
ahhhh I remember the times way back when I was in the same situation!

Japan is cool, you might want to focus on Hakone, Nara, Kamakura, Otsu, Himeji for target cities.

More Modern are Osaka, Tokyo ... and More GAIJIN is Sapporo.

hehe ... I hate English too, lol ... I hate to teach it though :(

hmmm ... get some Itami Juzo movies they're way much more interesting than the boring old fart of Kurusawa. MY favorite would be TAMPOPO -- a ramen story.

And a complete tear jerker is HOTARU-NO-HAKA ... (fireflie's grave) by (errr brain dead alert ... same person as princess monoke) ... no Japanese necessary ... It still draws tears even now while I'm writting this :( ... and I'm a guy :( I watched it 12 years ago in Osaka and my Japanese was still at the what - who -why level.
Hotaru-no-haka... I mentioned it in another thread, one of my all-time favorites. Just thinking about it makes me sob...

Moyashi, are you with a language school or do you teach privately?

[Sorry for asking the obvious, I have no clue about that ELT business, since I'm no NATIVE SPEAKER :D]
I work at 2 high schools basically.
1 public and 1 private.

Yeah "hotaru no haka" is just so .... people just gotta watch it ! period.
My favorite parts have to be the stories.
None of them where probably true but they where facinating, warriors and emperiors and the geeshaa(exuse my spelling please its always been like this lol).
Then I learned of tokyo, and what a city, thats a must for me in the future.

Ahhh the Sengoku period!

Now, weren't they the times to be alive.

Shingen Takeda is a pretty good person to read up on.
It's gotta be the FOOD!!!!!!! There's nothing like going to a gyuniku place or sushi bar. Small mom and pop bento places where they make bentos to order are great too!!!!!!

Makes me hungry thinking about it!!

hehe ... just started going to a great bento shop recently.
I drove by it so many times yet drove on to get a bento at a chain type.

I'm glad that I made the change, and decide to travel the road less taken.

Call me a typical guy, but I'd say my top three favorite things about Japan are:

3. The music
2. The cars
1. The women

The authentic Japanese food is a runner-up.
Not sure if I can narrow it down...
maybe the astonishing history and way that Japan has grown and evolved...
maybe the eclectic palate of the food窶ヲ
maybe the women窶ヲoh my God the women!!!
maybe the窶ヲOK窶ヲI can窶冲 choose.
I think the things I like the most would be the stories (traditional and modern), the appreciation of natural beauty, and I would have to say that I have always had a certain afinity for asian women. My sister has said she sees me marrying an asian woman.
Originally posted by Luxpyre
My sister has said she sees me marrying an asian woman.

Oh, then you'll be in good company on our board. Guess we'll open another forum section dedicated to cross-cultural marital issues.
Everything but the food!

I would have to say the people you become friends with. I traveled a lot of places, but never met more soulful people then the Japanese.
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