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What's your fave anime,Manga or J-pop site?


12 Jun 2003
Hey people out there!

Say what is your Fave anime,manga,j-pop ect. Website? I would like to know thanks
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AniFactor :)

Aside from shameless plugs, I will also add in Anime News Network and Animaxis, which is where I get all my anime news up to date from, and for my J-Pop information and purchases, CDJapan.
I like either www.animenfo.com for great info on all possible anime/manga.

Or I use www.baka-updates.com for fansubbing news 👍
I guess Japanese Channel is a J-Pop site...I thinks its more of a J-Rock site, but its still my fav. Gackt and Hakuei are on it so it made me happy ^_^
I like japanese Channel it is cool I like the pic's and stuff and other stuff in it
for mang mine is http://www.mangacity.net it has scanlations for Gensoumaden Saiyuki. I don't have a favorite anime site because there's too many unless u want to count the sites I buy from.
Animenfo.com which's been mentioned before and
This site provides links to non-licensed anime in America (warning: requires Bittorrent to download the episodes, you can grab it here: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/)
Any (non-perv) that have a lot of pictures and are nice enough to let you take the, I also love Rurouni Kenshin Tales of the Swirky-Eyed Samurai ^^ 😄 👏 👍 ;) :)

If you know Chinese。。 and you like manga
this site is your best choice, you can read manga online。。
hmm.. must say http://www.mirkx.com ^^ otherwise it's http://www.animenfo.com and for music it's http://scape.kichigai.info/
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