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~What's your fav. JPop/Rock song?~

It's extremely hard for me to choose an absolute favorite, but among my tops list now are:

"Eyes Love You"-hide
"Crucify My Love"-X Japan
"Scars"-X Japan
"Last Song"-Gackt
"Secret Garden"-Gackt
"Aint Afraid To Die"- DEG
"Honey"- L'Arc En Ciel

If I had to choose an ABSOLUTE favorite, it would be Goodbye because that's the song that started my hide obsession. ;)
"Crucify My Love"-X Japan is a great song as well.;)
Hide? Are they JROck? I must check them out.:eek:
hide was -and is- the king of Jrock.... Man, I love him to death..... erm...:blush*..hehe. I love him -past- death so to speak. Anyway.

Jah, he's Jrock. :) And you must check him out, he rocks the socks of the world.;)
I like Morning Musume... before they i also liked JRock... in fact, i still like it, but since momusu... I can't listen another thing :) ...

Go Girl
As for one day
Koi no dance site
Renai Revolution 21...

I also like the entire Hello! Project... but this would be a loooong list... hehe

and remember...
Maki Forever !!! :D
Asrun Dream - Gackt
LU:NA - Gackt
Oasis - Gackt
Mirror - Gackt
Orenji no Taiyou - Gackt
raison d'etre - Diru
Garden - Diru
Cage - Diru

oh man, i really cannot decide!! :D there are many more!! *g*
There are just too many to list! I have to say any song by Utada Hikaru since she puts so much of her heart and soul in her music!
Hard to choose one of all time in particular, but one recent classic favorite I've been listening to lately is:
Matsu Takako - Yume no Shizuku
Ooh, how can you chose just one song?? (Especially when all the artists are so good??)

Dir en Grey - Hades
Malice Mizer - Hakai no Hate
Syndrome - do.mes.tic
X Japan - Orgasm
baroque - irokoi
Gackt - Saikai Story
Originally posted by Kuro_Tsubasa69
Ooh, how can you chose just one song?? (Especially when all the artists are so good??)

I totally agree with Kuro on this. 👏 Im just gonna name some of my favorite bands and singers.

Malice Mizer
Luna Sea
Ayumi Hamasaki
And so on...:D

Um, favourites songs are Pop is Dead, by Miyavi, uh, Oasis, by Gackt, Amethyst, by X-Japan and then some more Miyavi and then some more Gackt, and through in Illuminati by Malice Mizer for good measure!! ~ Jemma xxx
Here are mine!

here are my favorites:

kandagawa - kaguya hime (a truly beautiful song)
kirakira - oda kazumasa
musoubana - forgot the name - tonde tonde tonde ツ?エ
kimi no hitomi wa 10000 boruto - alice
beloved - glay
tsunami - SAS
one more time,one more chance - yamazaki masayoshi
sore mo toberu hazu - spitz

i really love these songs and many many more..but these are at the top
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