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What's your countries inventions?


23 Oct 2003
Wondering where all these inventions come from? well let's find out!

These are all Canadians:

Alexander Graham Bell, (1847-1922), Invented the telephone in Canada, developed it in US. (Canadian/American/Scot) He's a mixed one!!
Joseph-Armand Bombardier - invented the snowmobile
J. Brown - invented the washing machine
Thomas Carroll - first self-propelled combine harvester
Mathew Evans - co-inventor of the first electric light bulb
Charles Fenerty - pulp to paper process
Reginald Fessenden - inventor the Radiotelephone and sonar - produced 1st radio broadcast
Sir Sandford Fleming, (1827-1915), inventor of the system of standard time zones in use today
James Gosling, (born 1956), invented Java computer language
Larry Hanson - co-inventor of green plastic garbage bag
Rasmus Lerdorf - invented PHP computer language used on internet
Elijah McCoy, (born 1844), inventor, automatic machinery lubricator, lawn sprinkler, the "real McCoy"
Samuel McKeen - invented the Odometer
Gideon Sundback - invented the zipper
Harry Wasyluk - co-inventor of green plastic garbage bag
Henry Woodward - co-inventor of the first electric light bulb
John Byrne - cartoonist/writer best known for his work on superhero characters like The Fantastic Four and Superman.
Joe Shuster, (1914-1992), creator of Superman (thats right!)
Todd McFarlane, (born 1961), cartoonist/writer, Spawn Spiderman

These are just a few popular ones.
Almost forgot to mention the Canadian students at McGill University invented hockey with American students from Havard and Yale.
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