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What's the time in your country?

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This is going to be a long thread... :)

It's currently 20:20 here in Holland. We're in the same timezone...
It is 3 o'night sharp here.... And the funniest thing is that I have to wake up at 7 (within 4 hours) and go to my Institute. How can I manage it if I did not even go to bed yet... :sleep:

P.S. I live in GMT +3 Zone (5 hours difference with JP, I think)
After having long calculations I guess it's already 8 a.m. in JP. Time to wake up!
Originally posted by karmy
in slovenia is 19:50 :)

There you go! Now you can view time and dates all over the world! You can even customize it with a cookie so it will remember certain cities for you!

It's about 23:00 here in the State of Maine; Sunday night.
This is so absurd I'd like to join this! :)
In Belgium the time is now 23.01h! Yeeeeei!
EEgads!! you guys use military time (ie. 24hr clock) its 11:09AM here right now.....hmmmm almost lunch time :p
Just got home from work and it's 6:11pm atm with overcast skies and it looks like rain in this evening's forecast...
Military time? Must be a Canadian thing... :D

Well, it's 1:02 AM and i just got home. Loaded!
i am wondering something: is the days everywhere the same or diffrent?
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