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What's the most bloody and violent anime you've ever seen?


19 Jun 2003
I'm sure all of you have seen a lot of animes.
But: Which one was the most bloody and violent anime you've ever seen ???

for example:
- Ninja Scroll
- Ninja Resurrection
- Fist of the North Star
- and many many more :p

🙂 POST THEM!!! 🙂
I think Berserk I dunno if its realy sooo bloody but the chapter I got to see was ><.... Blooddyy
orotsuki doji
... well akira (duh) ... I think those are the most bloody ive come around ツャツャ saint seiya (when not censored) is preety bloody too and even dragon ball Z is bloody and violent
I think the first anime I've seen was "legend of the overfiend II". that must be maybe.... 8 years ago? I don't know.
well, its full of rape, and blood and killing and explosions and evil undead-looking nazi-germans trying to resurrect demons, and well... somehow, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the whole german thing in the movie. it's still really ridiculous :D
What about the real bloody animes full of gib and gore? (someone who's reading this must think that I'm insane:p)
Originally posted by code7rei
nothing too bloody and violent for anime

I agree :D if I had to chose...

Return of the overfiend or Ninja Scroll...
just cos their full of rape
As I said earlier, I don't know too much about anime, so I checked out some sites with reviews of them and came across a really detailed and interesting review about Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend.
It actually changed a bit my view on that anime. Well, but maybe I never had a realistic view on it since I saw it with 15 or something around that age, and that's a while ago.

you can read the review here:

Actually, I won now if "advertising" such a movie is a good idea with a hnumberount of readers under 18.
It's been a while, but I think:

Violence Jack
Vampire Hunter D
Hokuto no Ken

Not my cup of tea. O prefer stuff like Urusei Yatsura, Tensai Bakabon and the Miyazaki works.
Oooh ... it has got to be BERSERK! ... with all the blood & bodies ... I stop watching around the 5th or 6th episode ...

Demon City Shinjuku
Psycho Diver
Twlight of the Dark Master
Blood Reign Curse of the Undead Yoma
X (movie)
Escaflowne was pretty violent
the new hokuto no ken video series is pretty graphic...moreso than the original series.... :eek:
I really suggest watching Twlight of the Dark Master and Psycho Diver...neither one are very well known I say they're from the late 80's early 90's
Well, even without blood and gore, Noir has it's violent moments, what with master killers Mirielle, Kirika and Chloe! Wouldnt want any of those three coming after me!
Probably Berserk, and Neon genesis, while not the most gore, whenever there was any it was really graphic (like the production evas ripping up asuka's eva)
Ichi the Killer - manga. In one of the first scenes Ichi "has done it again" - all over the place. There's blood in the roof, guts on the walls, and the corpses are cut in places you didn't know existed. Nah, but it's pretty sick sometimes.
Uh Barney isn't exactly full of blood and gore now is it? o_O
Personally I think it's a very sweet little children's show, very educational, little people love that sort of thing. Better than teletubies anyhow -.-

I still say X beats 'em all
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