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what's that face - my avatar?


9 May 2003
Konnichiwa Mina-san!
I have temporarily changed my avatar,
just to ask you: what's that, the face. I guess the thing (person) must be very popular. Who's that? Please tell me.
Is this the same face that is printed on the seats of a JR line in Tokyo, I mean the seats for old, pregnant or disabled persons? Do you know - are these faces on all JR trains?.. are they also at the subway trains' seats?
thank you for your help!
its a grainy alien heard blue, black and white...I feel like I'm taking an ink blot test....

I like your quote futureproof...he's a good writer
Hah hah,
that's good, Futureproof, yeah, that must be a Rail-ian face. :D But what the heck they are doing at the railway seats? I guess that's the sort of question similar to: "what's the sound of one hand clapping". I guess there might be no anser...
But am I right they are there, on JR? I have already guessed it's alien, but have been wondering: is it a special alien, or what... like someone with a name, or something.
Ja mata ne!;)
;) It is also "MU" sound.. No-sound.. when it's not cheating :)
I ask everybody about the JR train, so I know from their answers, that my question is not clear. One more try :)
I mean the velvet of the seats (was it Yamanote line? - the problem is I don't remember)'s printed with those funny faces...
Ok, I'm back to my old avatar. Hello, Kitty. ... The pic in question is probably already well described, above, so...
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