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What's new in Japan?


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
I haven't seen a eye-grabbing anime since Cowboy Bebop and that was almost a year ago.

What's currently on Japanese television?
The newest stuff out in Japan within the past few months are:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV Series)
Heat Guy J
Spiral ~Bond of Reasoning~

If you're looking for the next anime along the lines of Cowboy Bebop, then probably you want to check out some of these:

Noir, maybe GetBackers or Heat Guy J.
Thanks. I've already seen some vidclips from GITS: Stand Alone Complex and it looks good.

But what about quality? What would be the best currently? One anime series that comes to mind and it had the worst quality I had ever seen was Cybaster, and it was a recent serie. By opposition, Cowboy Bebop and Blue Submarine had excellent animation and better, it combined CGI with top of the line animation.
Yugio (a quiz gaming based series) is still on
Gandam:Seed is what I'm sort of watching right now.
As far as quality concerns, I don't see many anime series lately lacking in that due to digital technology.

Well it seems like half of the anime series are using bits of CG and Cel Shaded animation credited to studios like GONZO and so on...

I'd say if you are looking for that combination go with:

Full Metal Panic
Heat Guy J
or basically anything produced by GONZO.
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