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Whats in your blood?

I Picked My Nose Til It Bled, All I Found Was....

a lot of little red things floating in some mucus like stuff??


But really, I don't know the exact ratios. I'm just mostly English and German Swiss with some Cherokee thrown in.
My Folks Told Me...

they got me from the dog pound and I was a Heinz 57!!


PS I believe I have a large amount of Pol-cat blood, when I get angry I tend to lift my tail & spray!!!

😊 :p :D 👍
You know, I'm going to actually answer this question.

On my mothers side, there is Creole of French decent *specifically wealthy aristocrats, which explains my holier-then-thou elitist attitude no doubt*, Portuguese, Native American *northern only*, and no doubt more that I dont know of.

On my papas side, there is Mexican, Native American *central AND Northern*, Chinese, and more that I dont feel like mentioning. Meh.
Don't know. Both parents adopted. Mother's biological father Jewish of Russian descent though.
On mother's side mainly German, some French & maybe a little bit of Dutch. Father's side (apart from the German) completely unknown.
my mothers side is english and a little bit of northern native american. From my dad's side french and pourtuguse. (I can't spell -_- too tired) :p
ummmmmmmmmmm......stuff that makes me want women...DEFINATELY....
well i guess thats it.
Didn't count the exact percentage as the more I go back in generations and the more mixed it is, but I am a North-Western European melting pot (English, French, Belgian, Dutch, German, possibbly a bit of Scandinavian and Northern Italian thrown in it too). Dominantly Germanic in genes (even among French ones, as about half of the French have Germanic blood, descendant of the Franks and Burgunds, which explains the blond hair and blue eyes of so many French people, mostly in the North and East).
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