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What's in a name?


22 Oct 2003
I know we usually refer to each other by member name- but what is your real name? Do you like it? what would you change it to if you had the chance?
mines jason, hard to guess huh? :p
im pretty happy with it and dont think id change it, so what about you?

i wonder what thomas' real name is :giggle:
Rachel. I used to despise my name when I was growing up. I always wanted some cute-sounding name like Amy or Tori or Lori, but now, I like it okay, I guess.

I didn't like and still don't like my middle name, which is Ann. So boring... :sleep:

Before I married, my initials spelled RAT, which was always the source of some teasing. :p
Shigatsu- the forth month...aka April

I don't like my name...I don't know why, I just don't like the way it sounds, seeing how It doesn't rhyme with anything, and the only semi-cool nickname I could get was Apie. (which reminds me of a baboon)
If I had a choice, it'd be Summer..I love that name. Or maybe something different like Ariel, or Atali. I like A names.
Ah. oh well..I guess I'm stuck with April. :eek:
Mine is John. I like my name enough not to change it...I like Xavier better though.

Too funny about your initials...lol -- Go with Amy or Tori...it fits you well. You look more Amy and less Rachel.

Ariel is a fabulous name

I don't like my Japanese name...Jon..Joan in English...lol
Yeah, I always wanted to be Amy. Amy sounded fun and cheery. Rachel always sounded so serious.

I have always liked the name Sebastian. I had a French friend whose name was Sebastien(they spell it -en). I later named my cat after him. I kind of wish I had saved it for one of my sons.
He was almost Jonathan Xavier...but Lisa, my wife, like Sebastian more. There was a few movies and books it was in. I call him Bastian or Ox. The nickname Ox is because he is huge for 6 years old...let alone 4.
Too old for Frankie ?

Always thought it would be cool to have married a girl named Johnie(Frankie&Johnie were lovers) ! Ended up with a Helen who says I'm too old to be called Frankie. Hated my middle name when I was little, too hard to spell (Donaldson) so I would tell people it was D for Dog.

Mine is Edmund, i guess i can live with it since it sounds unique, I don't know anyone else who's name is Edmund... well other than Sir Gloucester's bastard son in King Lear.

And yeeesss... Edmund is spelled with an "u"!
Mines, Richard, but most people refer to me as Mooka Mooks or some other variation of my Japanese last name. I don't mind Richard, as I have so rarely been reffered to as that in my life.

What I always wished I could have in my name was aristocratic titles like my both of my Great Grandfathers, who had hereditary titles Ritter and Von (Baron and Knight). Other than my brother and I, there are no others in that family left in that blood line (they all had few children that didn't produce kids) My user name is his family name angacized (its actually Neuhauser, or Neuhausvecova in Czech).
mine is Corrina. I guess I liked having a name that was a bit different, but it's really annoying when people start singing the song from the 50's that my Dad took my name from when they hear my name :p
At least it's easy for Japanese to say ニ坦ニ椎?ツーニ段ツ・ツ債≫?板「窶愿

I was very nearly an Alicia....I like it, I wonder what kind of Alicia I would've made...
My real name is Shelley, and my middle name is Marie. I've always liked both of those names. Although I once had a Tai Chi teacher who kept calling me "Sherry" because he couldn't pronounce "Shelley!" It was fine with me, because I liked the name Sherry too! :) My last name is Fritz, and so I used to get called "Fritz the Cat" a lot (from the porno movie by the same name!) I still haven't seen that movie, though! I think the name Fritz is "Fred" in German, so both my first and last names can be used as either first or last names.

I used to have two friends in high school whose names were Rachel and April. And I agree with Shigatsu, the name Summer is nice too. I once saw a model on TV whose name was Sunday, and I thought that was a cool name. I usually prefer the more unusual names.

Mmmm... pretty interesting nicknames we have here, couldn't have guessed the real names from satori, nzeuda, samuraitora, knm, Shigatsu, and so on...

ps. i actually like the name April, sounds refreshing in a way.... :)
My name is Luc, the only thing I don't like is when people call me Luke I know its my name in english but I still don't like it. My last name is Lefebvre alot of people have trouble saying it, I dunno why since theres a big snowboard store in my country called "Tommy and Lefebvre" and they have no problem saying it when they talk about the store.
I know what you mean, Luc. I hate it when people refer to me as "Shelly" instead of "Shelley." Shelly is just NOT my name. I suppose it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is to me. :eek:
Just like I don't like it when people spell my name "Rachael", even after I tell them it's just with an "e".
I'm talking about pronunciation, I tell them my name but when they call me they change it to Luke for some reason.
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