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What type of work suit is this?

Thom Blair

6 Sep 2016
Hi! I'm playing a video game that features Japanese workers, perhaps construction workers. However, they are wearing what look like suits for handling hazardous materials, which would be odd in the context of this game. So, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if these are common Japanese worker's suits or are they specialist suits?

Looks like something they'd use in the Fukushima clean-up. What's the name of the game you are playing?
It looks like an "our game development budget didn't include enough money to create better suits" suit.
The game is called Gummy Drop! by Big Fish Games, Inc
Gummy Drop! on the App Store
It's a pretty simple little game, so I was also wondering why they would include what looks like a Fukushima-style clean-up suit. But maybe that suit is iconic of this time in Japanese history? I'm not sure. The game includes quite a lot of historic trivia for national landmarks for cities around the world, so that might explain it.
Well, the "Gummy" in the name should give you a big hint.
It is a bit like trying to find out what brand of overalls Mario wears, no? Its a fantasy puzzle game. I don't think it is supposed to represent something from real life. I don't think Big Fish games based this image off of anything commonly in use in Japan - but since they are based in Seattle you could ping their customer support contact to see what the original inspiration was.
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