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What song is this called? IN MANY ANIME!


13 Aug 2003
Theres this song I want, it's in FLCL and Azumanga Daioh, i'm not sure if theres others but I can tell you where its found in the episodes

FLCL Episode 03 -

When Haruko breaks the Ukelele and says "The ukelele wont work.." and then she whispers for her vespa or her motorbike or w/e and then the song starts playing! I WANT THAT SONG

Azumanga Daioh Episode 15 -

When Chiyo-Chan gets the note saying she's stupid, the background music is the same as the one in FLCL.... It might be "Festival" since its both played in a Festival scene sorta thing... again i state I WANT THIS SONG!!

well if its in FLCL then its by the pillows. the song is probably "little busters" but i may be wrong, just download random songs by the pillows til you find it if thats not the one your looking for.
Heres more detail, its like done in trumpets and maybe an xylaphone... because it goes like "Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunnra Dunra Dunra *xylaphone* - Trumpets PRPFPF RA RA RA FPFPFP RA RA RA then it goes back to to xylaphones here ill record it

I recorded it with windows...
i dont think id know if i heard it, so my suggestian is to check out the FLCL soundtracks, theres 2 of them, and see if its on there.
The Pillows - Advice

It IS this song. I'm 100% sure of it.
But know that you've got both an instrumental version and a sung version.
Sorry cool guy, its not that, it's not done by the pillows, i'm pretty sure because its not rock. I'd say its done by like trumpets and stuff.
Are you sure you checked that song. I know which your talking about just don't know who does it. :p Aren't most of the songs on FLCL done by the pillows?
they are but this ISN'T FREAKING BY THE PILLOWS!!! i think. its not like Rock sounding you know? its like done with old instruments like trumpets lol
The name of the song is...

"Yori Gallop," Track #12, "FLCL Original Soundtrack I - Addict"

Actually, it's a classical piece written by the Russian composer Dmitri Kabalevsky (1904-1987). Written in 1940, "Comedian's Galop" was a part of his Comedians Suite, Op. 26.

Like most of you, it's one of those things I had heard a countless number of times, but never knew what it was. When I heard it on FLCL, I figured it was finally time to research the thing...



I just LOVE Onion Head Monster...

For me, half the fun of comic strips is having something fun to look at. Kudos! I just wish I was closer to NC for your exhibit tomorrow night. Well... closer than Tampa!
THANK YOU KITCHEN!!!! i would say the last part but i would think its offensive LOL thx man or err lady ... lol thx!
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