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what song is in this vid? its pretty cool

Ah, that was on WinMX as "Kyo and Die from Dir en grey being dorks before they were famous."

Unless it was on an official video, which I'm pretty sure it wasn't, it's a fake. Don't know who they are, just some humour thing I guess.
It's two Korean kids "singing" a song about a Chinese Restaurant. The song is called "Jung-Hwa Ban Jum."

I should know... >>; Because I have all three of the videos they made (Chin1, Chin2, and Chin3 -- Chin2 is the most "famous" one... and, in my opinion, the best).
ah, i've never seen the first one, only the second two. anyway, thanks a lot. i wonder if i could get that song off kazaa?
OMG!!!! i dont know about you guys but that was FU**** HILARIOUS!!!! :D *woot* man fell off my chair!! i laugh for some crazy things!!! lol..
but that dont even look like Kyo and Die-chan?! that aint them. :eek:
but it was funny.....*psft*
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