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What scares you?!


17 Jan 2004
:D what things would you consider to be scary?😄

-everything in my room when it's dark ehheehh
-the bunny form donnie darko
-creep crawlers(eew)

well for me its animals bigger in height than me, I"m a small 5ft 2inch tall, so elephants, giraffes, hippo's, even the common cow scares the life out of me:eek: :eek: lolol
Originally posted by darkrikku66

-the bunny from donny darko

yeah... i have to say that too... that and those little porcielin clowns... and cream cheese... 😄 and spiders... and bugs... and cats... and large dogs... i'm scared of a lot...
I have chickenphobia. A sight of a live chicken can make my skin crawl. The other day when I was having dinner, the news on T.V. was talking about avain flu and a close-up of a chicken came up on the screen. Man, I lost my appetite instantly.
Originally posted by Old School
What scares me? Rabid fanboys and fangirls that worship everything Japanese.

Exactly! Nothing scarier! :eek:

Also, I agree with mad pierrot about the J-pop... :p I saw a show on NHK that made me have nightmares last night.
clowns are Very scary, its becuase they look too happy and all that make up.i think i got like this from watching scary clown movies when i was a child like IT ehehe
I agree, clowns scare the heck out of me. I hate those buggers...>.>
Really preppy people, I mean really really really preppy people scare me too....no offense to anyone
Clowns, some dolls, some old black&white photos, some nasty bugs that i don't know of (like some that are living in Japan i think :)), darkness(all though i love dark places if there are strobe lights or something like that..;)), too much silence...

Oh, and people who are very drunk and very noisy. For some reason I just can't stand drunks (even though sometimes i`m quite a lot under the influence of alcohol...), i get nervous and allmost angry, and that's just because i'm scared of them...
deborah gormley: I've had the phobia since I was a toddler. And I went to a Catholic school for 7 years, so you can imagine how difficult living with the phobia in my preteen years could have been.

Its silly, but the crucifix doesnt scare me if its turned upside down.
hahaha again you have made laugh 2nite, you really should not hide your humour behind a sad-spot, I'm a northern Irish person, also went the catholic system, but I'm more afraid of a ghost{banshee) then I am of a cross up-side-down, a ghost I can't control, I cross I can turn around to please me....:) :eek:
my closet scary at times when its half open. i start to think that somethings going to rush out of it and appear next to my face, but that only happens when im going crasy lolol
Oh man I just though of something I saw on the discovery channel that scared me. They showed you that a earwig at night when your sleeping gets in your ear and goes down to your brain and lays her eggs and when they hatch the babies start eating your brain! Good times
Thats disgusting but can happen, thats what makes it even more scary.i remember seeing something on tv about a people having tape worms and a whole bunch of them were coming out of their b***. i thought i was going to puke hehe.sorry if what i said is too disturbing:)
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