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What Program Is On Your Inner TV?

Inner TV? Like the mental pictures of the mind? If that's so, then I keep seeing flashes of "All your bases are belong to us" going on an eternal loop with MC Hawking in the background with his tunes for Quakemaster... :D

no wonder I know nothing.... :D
What remote? 😲
You mean they sold remotes when they gave away minds?:confused:
hmm....I wonder if I kept my receipts
Ah, since I know nothing, I sure as heck don't know where I kept that receipt :D
:D It's funny because when I answered this question on another forum, I asked "What remote?" too!! I had forgotten that part but thought it seemed to explain a lot!! :D Also, I think my answer to the first part of the question was "The Outer Limits!" :D
Super-Hero !!

Always want to bring justice to the bad guy and happiness to the down-trodden ! Early TV made life so simple and Black&White. There was an answer to every problem and always a happy ending !

That's such a great answer, Frank! Most people's inner TV program is kind of messed up! :D
my inner tv is on, and theres probably somethin surreal like twin peaks on :p ...my remote is down the side of the sofa and i cant get it back
My inner T.v. is on something unreacheable that i once had......:cautious: 😭
and the remote. is next to me without batteries ofcourse and i'm too lazy to get up and turn the channel...
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