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What program do you use to create web sites?

What Program do you use to create web sites?

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Microsoft FrontPage

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Adobe PageMill

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other web authoring software (please specify)

    Votes: 15 55.6%

  • Total voters


17 Jan 2004
For me I use Dreamweaver. Easy-to-use, and fun. (Thanks to a class I took on this, which I passed without a problem.)
I've learned with Notepad but I use Dreamweaver+Photoshop+ImageReady+Flash to streamline the development process.

If you want to learn, a simple text editor is the best bet. :)
Started out with Dreamweaver, but now i'm only using notepad (or rather UltraEdit).
like to stay basic with notepad, but very good with dreamweaver, photoshop, fireworks, notepad, imageready, and now flash
Count me in!

Dreamweaver, but i find mi friends microsoft frontpage a tad
easier but dreamweaver is best allround!

Havent made a site for a while, guess i dont have the time . . .

jeisan said:
yeah dreamweaver, notepad and paintshop pro

*points* that!

started out with notepad.. cuz back in those days it was notepad or nuthin!

1992.. i think it was...
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I only use Notepad. I don't know how to do it with a program and I don't want to take the time to learn, so this way I know what I'm getting without fooling around. I also use Photoshop, because what's a website that doesn't have any images. You need to make it appealing to the eye; just don't overdo it.
I only started to work on a website a month or 2 ago. I did not yet finally decide on 1 product. Mainly I use Phase5, but recently I tried Weaverslave & Html Studio. All have their advantages & disadvantages. But I'll keep to freeware, hence Dreamweaver et al. are not a choice for me.
For simple stuff, or quick edits, I only use a text editor. For bigger projects, I use HomeSite 5.5 👍
Sadly, since the buyout of Allaire, you can only get it together with Dreamweaver, but since Dreamweaver isn't that bad, it's not such an disadvantage.

Gimp? Blargh! The UI sucks really, really bad... there are much better alternatives like Irfanview which already can do a lot.
Lina Inverse said:
Gimp? Blargh! The UI sucks really, really bad... there are much better alternatives like Irfanview which already can do a lot.
What's the problem? Too complicated? It only needs a little time till you get used to it. It's pretty easy, actually.

AFAIK, Irfanview has by far not the abilities of GIMP.
Rofl it's normal that Gimp is more powerful than irfanview for the late one is only a picture viewer. As for me, I think the GIMP is as powerful as photoshop (at least for low level users), but it's not really user-friendly (the win32 version at least) :(
Has anyone actually tried a CMS, eg. Postnuke? In how far could it be useful?

@ Thomas:
Thanks for the link, but are you sure it's an improved version? I downloaded it & had a brief look at it. Didn't get the impression that it's better than Phase5, I missed esp. table funtionality (but, as said, I had only a brief look).
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