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What kind of pet do you have?

What kind of pet(s) do you have?

  • dog?

    Votes: 18 42.9%
  • cat?

    Votes: 18 42.9%
  • rodent? (hamster, gerbil, etc.)

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • horse?

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • other mammal?

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • fish? (goldfish, tropical fish)

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • reptiles? (Gekko lizzard, etc.)

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • No pets

    Votes: 6 14.3%

  • Total voters
I have a pet dog, as you can see on these boards. I also have a pet cat and a pet pig. Both know where to store coins of every American persuasion, so they're very smart and trustworthy, too. :)

Wife's cat Sundance wants nothing to do with me. My cat Moonshadow tolerates my wife since she feeds them. The cat's have their own room. Each has their own litter box plus a spare scattered about the house so they don't have to walk to far. Each window has a post&shelve or bed for them to lay in & look out. The floors of every room are littered with hundreds of toys. They have a film library of DVD's & Video's of birds, fish, and little animals to watch when nothing is going on outside the windows. My 15 pounder kicks my wife outa bed so she can stretch out so we have a spare bed set up for us to escape to. If they're on the couch or in a chair we sit on the floor rather then move them. They have 6 kinds of hard food, 2 are perscription. Their soft food comes in around 15 flavors and is rotated daily so they don't get bored of it; always served at room temperature ! They are massaged and combed daily and have their nails clipped by me every other week with a new pair of cutters each month to the dull clipper doesn't split their nails!

I hope when I die I come back as a cat with a life like theirs!!


PS They're just pound cats, not Breeds !

Almost forgot, they have a 12 GAL aquarium with 6 fish !
Well, living with me right now, I have a 20 pound cat named Sebastien and a Sheltie named Bella. My other two cats, Raven and Morrison, live with my mom. All of my cats were strays. We did have a Siamese when I was in elementary school, though. He was beautiful, but he was kind of temperamental.
I have two budgies from hell....I never slip their wings, so they ended up becoming wild little devils. But they still love me...ke ke ke >_>;;
i have one cat who is gonna be 9 in march. He is 12 lbs. A tabby cat. He sleeps in my bed. In fact he follows me all the time. When I do homework he always wants attention. Sometimes he is my alarm clock too. He's just always there for me.
Back in NZ I have a baby budgie named Toby. I tamed him from a baby and he can speak both English and Japanese.He also is unclipped. I love him to bits! He is my lil baby and I miss him so much. My parents take great care of him. They have a elderly budgie called George who speaks over 130 words and is now teaching my Toby!

As you can see in my avatar I also have a hamster ;) This is my first hamster so I don't know if this is normal but he loves to swing from the bars.... he shimmies up the side and then swings from the bars - like how we used to swing from the monkey bars as kids. It's sooo cute to watch!! I'll try to attach a photo of him in action ;)


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Lets see.. I have 2 tabbys(maybe? Ones complete ly black except for a white make on her chest), Oliver and Java. I also have a dog that turned one in november, Zodar, who is about half bechan.. my old dog(his grandmother, fancy that) was purebred.
I'm all about the dogs

Here's one a Vet told me..

The difference between dogs and cats.
A dog sees its owner and thinks: he feeds me, he takes care of me, he must be a GOD.
A cat sees its owner and thinks: he feeds me, he takes care of me, I must be a god!

(Females, please replace He with She.)
Good ones, mad pierrot and Luc...that's about how it is... :D

I never appreciated my cat so much until I got a dog.
I have two dogs.....(The older one is okay, nice and mellow, but the other one is a hyperactive puppy. o_O) My folks are allergic to cats, but what I really want is a snake. ^_^ An Albino Burmese Python to be more exact! 👏 My sister's too young and small, though...feh.
Re: I'm all about the dogs

Originally posted by mad pierrot
Here's one a Vet told me..

The difference between dogs and cats.
A dog sees its owner and thinks: he feeds me, he takes care of me, he must be a GOD.
A cat sees its owner and thinks: he feeds me, he takes care of me, I must be a god!

(Females, please replace He with She.)

Bravo! Priceless!
I've got two Dobermans Rommel (the male) and Miko (female) 👏 Rommel will spend more time with my other half cos i guess he see's her as part of his clan but Miko won't go anywhere near her:p the vet says it's jealousy!!!
Does having a plant as a pet count??? (my bonsai's name is Janny XD)



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I have two dogs who won't keep quiet. Well their not really mine, they are family dogs. They are small but they make so much noise XD Do stuffed animals count as pets? I have a teddy bear that I, um......fixed......that I carry around alot.
I had a pet wolf spider 2 years ago. She passed away, and I've since never gotten another.

When I move to my new apartment, I'm getting either a constricter of some type, or another spider.
I have a spider that lives in my room, I used to have a whole bunch living in my bathroom then my mother killed a bunch of them and only victoria survived. So I moved her to my room^-^ I forgot to mention that earlier^-^ winter reminded me. I should go feed her too
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