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What Japanese College is good for a foreigner?


23 Oct 2003

I want to learn Japanese in Japan so it seems the only way I can get there is by College, but I dunno many I looked on the internet and with a translator sometimes its hard to understand.

So anyone know a College where they accept foreigners and teach Japanese first?

Well, there are many ways you can travel/study in Japan without necessarily enrolling directly into a Japanese University. Check out


and you can find a multitude of Japanese programs! It's not as hard as it seems! Just keep looking!

If you wish to enroll into a Japanese University directly, that is going to be virtually impossible unless you are fluent in Japanese level 1 and in special cases Japanese level 2. You also have to get study visas and someone, preferably a Japanese national/resident, to "sponsor" your study visa--you cannot study in Japan as a student without someone to sponsor you (if you are not enrolling in a study abroad program through an organization).

If you would like to study abroad in Japan, I suggest checking out Temple University Japan. Temple University Japan is actually a sister school of Temple University in Pennsylvania. You can enroll in Japanese language courses, while also earning a degree in subjects such as Biology, Political Science, Environmental Studies, etc. It may not be the option you want, but it will get you in Japan at around $13,000 USD a year (which is extremely cheap for an international school in Tokyo or in America).

The Japanese government also gives grants for students, especially students from English speaking countries, to study as a directly enrolled student in Japan. Check out:


Don't get discouraged! It's all there for you to take. Millions of dollars each year go unused because people don't look for it, or don't believe that they can get money. You can!

As for your translating issues, most websites will have an English page (that is not as detailed as Japanese, but still in English) You should look for a little icon that either looks like a British flag or American flag. That will translate the entire page into English. Also, try to research International schools. They accept foreign students, and will probably have multilingual links to reading their sites.

I hope I've been helpful!
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