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what is your favorite final fantasy game and why

mine is ff7 because i found the storyline quite original i dont noe why though... but still i think ff7 is the best

👏 Rock on ff7!!!👏
Even though i played all final fanasties! except the gba tactics....
Mine is FF7 as the Greatest. For the use of materia, the races, storyline, the unforgetable death of aerith, and the childhood love of tifa, and barret, need i say more.

I will and go to KOTR, the moogle game at the Golden Saucer, shoot the Golden SAucer!, the weapons, Titan materia, counter attack materia, his friggin bikke, need i say more,

i think so!! sephiroth!!!!! masamune!!! Gold and blue and black chocobo!!!! the highwind!!!!, Cid!!! those little dolls!!!! BAhmut!!!

FF7 VII is the best no others compare to it I cant wait till the movie Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children is released
another faithful soul....

Li Mirikaru
let me be the first to welcome you to the forum!!!

you have excellent taste!:D
*runs over to the G-Bike Arcade Machine in gold saucer*
:D You Cant beat VII for subgames the snowboarding subgame is great especially if you have cid in your party cos he gets on Same with the chocobo racing, But you cant beat the G-Bikes the music on it is really fast paced and gets you in to the action Vn_nV
And Domo Arigato for the welcome Escaflowne
Final Fantasy X! Blitz Ball! *And the love song during the Yuna and Tidus lake movie was great! Also the girl who sang the song is CUTE!*
8 was good. but i dont know how anyone could play that damn blitzball in X. That thing would have me mad all day long....untill i played it again. Man when i won a game....it was like heaven in my house. I was like yeAAAHHHH!!!!! :D
ur welcome miriikaru-chan

zell dose rule! but not more then irvine!
what about his attitude...maybe not the shotting part, but HIS ATTITUDE, plust the hat, how they meet with him just relaxing infront of the garden.

I think Final Fantasy IV is better than FF7. There are less clichテゥs and the story is much more involving.
Okay look, each one of these games are just rip offs of each other. You can't even argue that. Only FF Tactics was the only original game in the series in recent memory... original story, character and feel. The rest of them are just bleah. And Marc, Final Fantasy 9 is only one step better than Final fantasy 8.... which isn't saying much. I borrowed it from a friend, played it half way through than returned it because it was just a rehash of 7. Its even worse than 7 with how you get skills too by equiping weapons. Go play tactics... now that is a skill point system I enjoyed.
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