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What is your drinking limit?


16 Jun 2002
Whats your drinking limit? Limit breaks once it's a task within itself to bring a glass/shotglass to your face, not passing out. (If you don't drink then write, "Kool-aid" heh.)

I'm 140lbs , 120ounces of beer and five-ten 1ounce shots of liqour.

21 years old at Midnight,


i tend to think of my drinking limit is how much i can drink before i puke. which i usually try to avoid. either way for liquor i can last awhile at least a 750ml bottle of 80 proof, maybe more dpending. beer is not my friend in this matter which is in the neighborhood of 10 before i blow. 135lbs/61 kilos.
hahahahaha nice pic!! :)

i actually hate the taste of beer weird....oh well

good to see you had fun :) looks like you can drink quite a lot haha
Originally posted by Jeisan:
i tend to think of my drinking limit is how much i can drink before i puke. which i usually try to avoid.

:D I think that's my standard too! For me, it depends on what I'm drinking--hard liquor, beer, wine, etc. Also, if I haven't been drinking in a while or haven't eaten, I tend to be a real lightweight! :) I once made the mistake of wine tasting following a mud wrap and massage ... talk about dehydrated!! Big mistake... :eek:
AA Family !

I tried so hard to be a drinker and fit in, but could never find anything that tasted better than Pepsi or made me feel good. I think the terror of becoming an alcoholic like my old man and his friends just was too much of a turnoff. Grew up in a smoke-filled house so I never could enjoy smoking either. I used to feel like a total social outcast, but todays world seems to accept non-smokers and non-drinkers more !

I don't drink.
Dunno exactly why. I like to enjoy my friends and relax in general while being mentally present and not drunk. Too, this way, its more healthy, less expensive and... Uhm... dunno, I didn't find anything that alcoholic and tasted well enough to even out the above-mentioned things. Of course, the more id now about wines and stuff in general, the more I could enjoy them. Since I don't know anything about them, I can't really enjoy them, so I don't drink them. *shrugs*
I don't mind other people drinking.
/I wonders how to deny an offered alcoholic drink in japan politely.
Well, after about 8-10 drinks my memory usually blacks out so I'm not really sure...
I'm not sure either. It depends so much on what you're drinking, when you're drinking, on what time you're drinking, in what condition you are etc...

But. Usually, I tend to drink a bottle of wine at someone's house before going to the bar or whatever (not if I'm going to a club etc., then I'm usually sober), and the actual "party-place" I guess I could drink 6 drinks or so, before going really, really bad. And I am quite a small person so... :)
The worst experience I've had with alcohol was from a cruise back from Berlin Love Parade in the summer of 2000. I can't remember much anything of the whole cruise, and I woke up on my cabin, with my make-up etc. on, to the yelling of a cabin-cleaner, when the ship had been to the harbour for about 2 hours..., and I had just missed my transportation bus back home. Ok, now I expect You to tell more embarrassing stories. 😄

P.S. ...if you think that I love to drink alcohol etc. based on this writing, you're wrong :) I don't do it that often (I don't count wine with food, I love that), and I dislike people that are a pain in the *** when they're drunk...
wwaaay too young to drink lol. but if i did i wouldn't drink much. i've had a sip of wine before and to tell you the truth, i dont care much for it.
Some people call me "Frank the Tank", and what can I say, "It just tastes so good once it touches your lips" (Sorry, I couldn`t resist) :p
I don't drink, but I have classmates who drink... -.-
and isn't it like... I'm too young to drink?
im not a drinker - for pretty much the same reasons as Maji described. i just dont enjoy it that much...and also i make a fool of myself if im drunk, so i do try to avoid alcohol.
🙂 I'm currently in college, and its like a a national past time todrink. And i hold it!-Proally cuz family of drinkers or cuz i grew up in Georiga- I mean its like all we do.Bar-b-que and drink! what a life
I hate beer, but i gets down on it-makes pee but still its aiight- love liquor though especially "hen"! 👏 ;)
I found my limit this past weekend. OH GOD!!!
No more Toga parties for this little fat man...lol
I am 6'2" and 220lbs...here is what it took for me to ... to ...you know.

42 Jell-o shots
3 Guiness
2 Shots of Absolut
4 Shots of Tequilia
3 Shots of Apple Pucker
and I was still fine...this was consumed in 1 hour.
the straw that broke the camel's back was
1 shot of Hot Damn 100 Proof.
I couldn't help myself after that...with in 15 minutes I was
too drunk to stand and ... blah
Oh, my God, I'd be dead on that!! I usually don't drink much ... a couple glasses of wine when I go out to eat or something. I'll drink more at a party, but that's not very often. One time I was Instant Messaging with a friend of mine online and as we were talking, I kept refilling my wine glass (one of the problems with very "drinkable" wines). I got so caught up in our conversation that before I knew it, I had drunk the entire bottle in a relatively short amount of time! And all I could think was, "Oh, this is not going to be pleasant" ... and it wasn't!! :D
hey i do that sometimes too, im actully planning on it next month. last year was kinda bad, but i know this one will be worse, seeing as how im turning 21 and all.
it is bad, but sooooo much fun at the time, right jeisan?
Don't feel bad Jeisan, I am turning 30 next August...don't
know if I can handle it *sniffle*
I think I need a beer...
*passes samuraitora a beer...*

I don't know bout you guys but new years...WOWA...theres not a word tha will describe how "Done" i'm going to be...I wonder whats going on this weekend with me...;)
it is so much fun until you have "that" drink the one that tops it off and spoils the rest of the night.

lol im a year and a week older than you escalflowne, i kinda like being a christmas baby. oh yeah check your pms.
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