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Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
How fast do you type?? Hunt & peck? 2 finger? 10 fingers & don't have to look at the keyboard at all? I
could copy morse code at over 100 WPM and type over
80WPM in my younger days. Last test I only hit 20WPM!

How bout you????


if im typing from my head like on here without worrying about stuff, somewhere like 80+
if im taking a test and have to copy ish and punctuate then its like 40 *shrug*
something like 300 characters per minute.
126wpm, I used to be a typeing clerk at a law office, get dictation tapes, listen, and type.
Only like 50wpm, but im a measly technician. I like changing the n/m keys over as well as o/p. Its funny watching people who dont touch tyoe go nuts trying to work out whats happening. :D
Last time I checked, 60WPM, with 10 fingers and no peeking at the kboard, pretty slow compared to playaa... :D but pretty fast for my 2 supervisors who type with 2 fingers :joyful: Then again I go slower if they kboard is somehow defective... :p
For Western languages, I average 75WPM, 99% accuracy. Never tried to calculate it for Japanese (never used a hiragana keyboard - all via IME).
I have no clue...

but is there anything to test it ??I never learned how to typ...but in the 9 years I'm using a computer I learned it a little by myself....hell I can even see the keys before me when I'm blindfolded 😌 ...Once I was typing a letter in my dreams :p
Typing really sucks...

Typing Test Results
Your accuracy was impressive.
Your speed was 46 WPM

Well, I think nobody will hire me as a typist then.
Your speed was 35 WPM with 63 mistakes (adjusted speed unavailable)

haha. I learned to type playing trivia on irc in the late 80's. Actually, when I went to school in the Philippines I had a typing class.
I use to be in the high 80s and low 90s but I took that test below and got a 1 (nah, just joking). I had a 79 WPM (with no mistakes).

I think 40 is average but it might be higher nowadays. I forgot.
Depends...when I'm under pressure I type like 100-110 words/minute, and usually it must be around 70-80...
Oh and about accuracy I think I'm around 56% :p
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