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What is the name of this thing that is worn over the Haori and Hakama?

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28 May 2014
In Come See Me Tonight 2 the Miko in it wear this during the ceremony before one is chosen to be the Himemiko (Princess Shrine Maiden)

now in contrast bellow is what they normally wear thought the game

i know the white kimono is called a Haori and the red plated skirt/trousers is called a Hakama but in the top images you can see that they are wearing something overtop of these. i know this isn't something that was just made up for the game because on wikipedia it shows this

however the description for the image only says "Shrine maiden dance scene at a shrine" and it doesn't mention any other clothes other than the Haori and Hakama.

So i am wondering if what the Miko wear overtop is too called a Haori or if it is called something else?
Incidentally, @ the OP, the white kimono is not haori. It's kosode(小袖), and is also called hakue/byakue/shiraginu (白衣), which literally means "white cloth", specifically for the miko's one. Similarly, hakama is called hibakama(緋袴), i.e., "deep red/scarlet hakama", as well.

so generally for which are used because when i try to look up hibakama on wikipedia i get nothing but when i look up the Kosode it talks about a naga-bakama which redirect to the hakama page.

also another question relating to the chihaya, what is the plant that appears on it. i can recognize a crane
Hibakama, chihaya, etc..are probably way too esoteric for the English wikipedia. They show up on the Japanese site though, as you can see if you follow Toritoribe-san's link. The motifs on the chihaya can be any lucky or auspicious symbol. In the picture, it shows cranes and pine tree branches.
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