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What is the mosted talked about anime or maga?


12 Jun 2003
Hi this is another thread I made in the anime/manga section. This time I wanna know what is the Hotest or the coolest anime/manga to hin in Japan and the U.S because I might buy one of the anime or manga you think is great.
Hmmm... i dunno about which one is the hittest in Japan right now. But here are some pretty cool "recent" titles that I really enjoy:
- Wolf's Rain.
- Macross Zero. (only 2/5 episodes have been released)
- Tokyo Underground.
- Last Exile.

But for anime that I really like (including older ones), try these ones:
- RahXephon. (highly recommend)
- Full Metal Panic.
- Cowboy Bebop.
Hey Shadow: I seen RahXaphon it is Very good and Full m1 episode from "Newtype" it's really cool.
Hi Souske, glad that you like them....


and yes... I love RahXephon - the music, the CG, and the incredible plot are just... amazing... (you have to finish watching this series since it gets better and better; btw, don't miss out on small part after the credits in the last episode...!)
For me I LOVE Evey single inch of that movie RahXaphon :) . I also like a DVD movie and this Episode called "PLEASE TEACHER" I seen it B4 I really thought it would be great to get the movie.
Oh! there's a DVD movie for Onegai Teacher? (I only saw the series) Nice... i didn't know that...... let me chk and see if i can get it here too~
Dunno bout Onegai Teacher ...

Some other anime that is quite popular in fansubbing world atm are for example:

-Naruto (Ninja comedy with a great story, nice emotions and all)
-Gundam Seed (if you like Gundam)
-Last Exile (will come to America real soon, is licensed)
-Stellvia (Very funny, great story, SF Space, one of the hits atm)

There's lots of others around too but those are some of my personal (and other's) favorites atm :)
Oh Doetje, I'm also getting Naruto as well (up to eps 37 so far), but haven't started to watch it yet.

It seems that they are still releasing it, do you know how many episodes it has in total?
While the titles above are currently popular, I think it fails to answer Sousuke's question, which was "what are the most talked about anime and/or manga".

You would probably all be very surprised to learn what makes it to a best 100 anime list in Japan. I was watching one such program on television a few months back and was taken aback when I found out that Gundam (the original and on of the most successful franchises in anime history) only made it to 10th place. Evangelion, another "big" name on North American charts, was waaaaaaaaay down there (40 or 50-ish).

The laurel was handed to an anime called "Furandaazu no inu" or the Dog of the Flanders, which I'm fairly certain that only a the very few hardcore anime fans in North America have heard of, let alone seen.

I personally think that the most popular animes (and manga) are those that endure. While I don't especially like some of the following, they endure...

Dr. Slump
Dragon Ball
Most of the Studio Ghibli's movies
There's more, but I can't think of more at this very minute...
Originally posted by Shadow
Oh Doetje, I'm also getting Naruto as well (up to eps 37 so far), but haven't started to watch it yet.

It seems that they are still releasing it, do you know how many episodes it has in total?

Well Ep 37 was the Ep that was aired on TV in Japan last Wednesday. Up till now there are 173 chapters in the Naruto manga, and there's still a chapter being released every week. Now at the moment the anime is at about chapter 65-75 or so (should check). So just make the calculations ;) There'll probably be at least another 30 episodes, most likely a lot more.

Now to answer the question of the most talked about anime in Japan, here's the current (June 2003) top 20 from Newtype Japan readers

  1. Shinseiki Evangelion ("Neon Genesis Evangelion")
  2. Kido Senshi Gundam SEED ("Mobile Suit Gundam SEED")
  3. Kiddy Grade
  4. Kido Senshi Gundam ("Mobile Suit Gundam"
  5. Cowboy Bebop
  6. Galaxy Angel
  7. .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu (".HACK//DUSK")
  8. .HACK//SIGN
  9. Overman King Gainer
  10. Azumanga Daioh
  11. Nanaka 6/17
  12. Juni Kokki ("The Twelve Kingdoms")
  13. Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula
  15. Sakura Taisen ("Sakura Wars")
  16. Spiral - Suiri no Kizuna
  18. Kido Senkan Nadesico ("Martian Successor Nadesico")
  19. Inu Yasha
  20. Saishu Heiki Kanojo

    Here's another list that might be of some interest, the top 10 manga sales in Japan
    1. Hikaru No Go 20
    2. Black Jack ni Yoroshiku 4
    3. Peach Girl 15
    4. LOVE MODE 11
    5. Omake no Kobayashi-kun 10
    6. Dragon Ball 3 Kanzenban
    7. Spiral 8
    8. Bijo ga Yaju 1
    9. W Juliet 13
    10. Karakuri Circus 26

      That's about what I can tell you, and those are facts, not personal opinions 🙂
Personally, I like FY (obviously) and Gensoumaden Saiyuki for manga and anime. Imadoki is cute and if u are a fan of Watase u'll like it. Dunno if u are into shojo tho. Weiss Kruez (it's about assassins..their missions and pasts) and FAKE (shounen ai...the whole reason I have not read it, but my friend likes it) are both supposed to be good. That's all for now! Ja ne no da!! ^_____________________^:p
Personally, Currently watching Inu-Yasha - Kenshin.

I think both are ok. =)

Watched .hack, didn't quite get it (maybe because I only saw one?)

Dragonball pretty much just died out.
I watched 5 eps of .hack, and yeah it is confusing. But that's what I like. It's kinda hard to predict anything at this point really. I can't wait until we buy the rest of it.
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