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What is the best place's to visit in japan?


12 Jun 2003
I heared from friend's and on the internet that japan has some great place's to visit beside's tokyo. Is there any thing Interesting in japan that a person like me would wanna go to next time they or me visit japan? And I also wanna know what place's you have been to.
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I'm looking forward to visiting Okinawa. I have some wallpaper from it, and it looks beautiful from what I've seen. It looks vary less populated than the rest of Japan, but I still have to look into it more b4 I visit in a few years.
Tons. Just pick up a guide book on Japan and you'll find tons. Depends what you're into. Okinawa is great if you're into the beach resort thing, but if you're into the outdoor thing, Hokkaido is the place to be. As for sites, they're a dime a dozen, but if you come to Japan, you shouldn't miss the "biggies" such as Kyoto and Nara. Kamakura, close to Tokyo is also really nice, so is Enoshima also close to Tokyo. Yamanashi and Kanagawa prefectures also have a nice mix of history, nature, and food to offer.

There are also the onsen. If you come to Japan and do not go to an onsen, you're really missing out. You can find onsen anywhere in Japan, so if you have a mind, go to the local Tourist bureau and they'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Coming to Japan for certain festivals is also cool. There are a number of links here about Japanese festivals. Planning a trip around certain key festivals could also be a good idea.
If you can, can you send me some pics or give me some links on some pics I can see in japan? thanks
The annual "Sapporo Snow Festival" (Hokkaido) every February has always been one of my favs (then again, I am partial to Sapporo). It's a great place to visit, and you'll find plenty of things to do during your stay. There is nothing like chompin' on some squid-on-a-stick while taking in the illuminated snow and ice sculptures after the sun goes down. For more information, check out the official link (complete with photos) @:

Is there any good resort's,clubs,shops,and a place to stay in japan that includes all of japan.
Care to clarify your question? Are you talking about national chain resorts, clubs, shops, and such?
tasuki: What do you think is a good resort's,clubs,shops,and a place to stay in japan?
It's all a matter of taste, really. I like ryokans very much. Ryokans are midway between hotels and B&Bs (minshuku), generally in price and in size. They can be found throughout Japan, but most are privately owned.

I find that business hotels are also a good place to shack if you don't place too much importance on your accommodations-- business hotels are basically places to wash and bunk. Rooms are usually tiny, but this varies according to the size and price range of the hotel. Found throughout Japan, chain or no.

If you're more a luxury-minded person, onsen resorts are enjoyable. Those range in size, atmosphere and price, from the small, on- to two-bath ultra-traditional places to ultra-modern 10+ bath places. You can very easily get package deals for onsen resort stays, which usually include meals, access to baths, access to other onsens (if there are any around), tours, etc. Favourites in Japan are 1 to 2 nighters, including evening meals and breakfast. I went to this onsen "resort" town some time ago named Ginzan in Yamagata.

Check out their official Website (dunno if the link will work or not, though, due to forum rules...)

I got a question that dose not deal with this topic it is:

Can a froigner like me live in japan? If that can Happen how?

Thank you
living in Japan

It would be a good idea to check Japan out first to see if you like it. Many people are excited at first and then become depressed after about 6 months. The reasons vary but generally, they hinge on the very different ways Japanese people relate to foreigners. It's not always straight up front. People who don't leave by the first or second year stay a long time. They find their place in the sceme of things and get on with what they do. Good luck.
I like it there like you said people get excitied and move there and get home sick
I don't know. I guess I have to see what's there for me. Since I hve been to japan it's been such a long time and that time has changed in japan so I guess I would have to see what they have out. But what I am hopeing is in Computer technology and maybe into Anime or Manga Artist.
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