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What is so great about Hyde and Gackt?

what draws u to hyde or gackt-sama?

  • uniqe looks and taste

    Votes: 29 22.3%
  • talent... their voices

    Votes: 74 56.9%
  • type of music made

    Votes: 7 5.4%
  • meaning and emotion of song

    Votes: 21 16.2%

  • Total voters
First time heard Hyde - Evergreen, and I juz love the song!
As for the rest of the songs of Hyde and Gackt, think that they are not bad.
I go for the voice. But I really don't like Hyde, only Gackt. Gackt's voice is so~~o great! Different, yet not strange. But Gackt's looks aren't bad either. He's a real cutie but I listen to the music because of the voice and the songs... I think. ;)
I don't know Gackt much, but I think hyde sings very good and his songs mostly have good melodies and text.
why don't you have all of the above "^-^"
I'm not too sure about hyde but I like gackt alot. I love the lyrics to his songs most of them are beautiful and have meaning.......
:p thanks for all the replies. Do remember to poll as much as u like.... maybe start an exchange of information on Gackt or hyde. domo arigato gozai masu.
voice and lyrics!

Hyde has the best voice in this world 4 me, that was the 1st thing that called my atention about him so i willl go 4 the voice ^^
i like gackt but not that much....
all of the above, but mostly the music. I don't like hyde much but I love Gakkun, not only because he's hella talented and makes good music, but he's much sexy too. :D
i chose talent... but i would choose meaning and emotion of song too... esp for hyde!!! gosh... that was such a tough question!!!
opps... maybe if this program would allow five options.... i would have included an option called "" all of the above''.... haahaaa
Interesting to see that no one thinks the looks are THE most important thing. Though, I can't really say that it doesn't matter as well. 😊 Anyway, music counts!
if i have to choose, i really would choose looks, cause i dun like hydes music, but he's a real cutie! 😊 but gackt~~~~ just perfect!! I think no one match him!!!! :D
Thanks, Aikawa! You just made my previous post useless! :D Anyway, I don't like Hyde's music either, but he's still rather cute. However, I don't listen to his music. Do you?
Silver_ash86, simply out of curiosity: Do you think looks don't matter at all?

Aww man... Aikawa.. you the type of fan I hate. Your like one of those rapid J-music fans that only judge by looks. Enjoy them for their music not only for their looks.. God.. Seriously... get it together. Gackt has a beautiful voice and hyde is very unique and some of his music is okay. >.< :p :eek:
@ KyoKyo: Sorry if I sounded like that, I dun just love Gackt because of his looks! It was just my argument for wht I chose. :p
Did you read my thread in the forum: "does anybody like gackt?" ? there u can see how much I love his music, and many others, too. For me Gackt is a very talented, clever and cool man! :D
kyokyo- san, asome of hyde or gackt fans in my other thread seem to talk abt En dir grey. i'm just curious wat's cool abt them. from pics, i can just say they have a cool way of presenting themselves...

anyway, jus to let u noe. when i first gotta noe hyde, it was by voice and his music so the lyrics and the talent would be wat makes me ::D

but for gackt, it was introduce by a friend who first showed me his webpage... so gackt's looks would be it, second to his voice.

:sigh too bad i can't vote more than once on my own poll.
oh when i first liked hyde... it wasn't looks either. the first pic i was of him, well, just didn't do him justice... it was the music and his voice that appealed to me...
Originally posted by hyde-sama
kyokyo- san, asome of hyde or gackt fans in my other thread seem to talk abt En dir grey. i'm just curious wat's cool abt them. from pics, i can just say they have a cool way of presenting themselves...

Aww Dir en Grey. They are awesome very talented.. if you want to hear J-rock you listen to them. Kyo, the vocalist, has an amazing voice. He can do anything with it. Kaoru, lead guitar, writes almost all the music for the songs and man... is he good at it. Die, Shinya, Toshiya, great musicians. They have trumendous talent. I love them a bunch. They are also alot of fun to hear about. Kyo is a compulsive liar when it comes to media (he hates the media) so you cant really rely on his word when he is talking in an interview. hehe oh look I am rambling now. But yes. Dir en Grey sends a message out in each song they perform and they have great talent. ^_^;; Look my signiture is them. (I made it when I was bored)
😌 hmm... sounds alot like L'Arc-en-ciel.... or lakura.
ya. that's cool... i feel i like hyde's music cuz it brings out a message too.... u noe, so unlike common love songs that repeats themselves.

:) yap...
Well, I like Gackt for his Talents. His music is great. But I say "looks" is just a Bonus. Hyde isn't too bad either but Gackt is just much more unique.
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