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What is a user group?


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
I have no idea what a user group is for and does anyone know what the symbols mean for each one.
taken from this thread

User titles:

Ou-shou: 1000 posts
Kin-shou: 500 posts
Gin-shou: 250 posts
Keima: 100 posts
Yari: 50 posts
Hisha: 25 posts
Kakugyou: 10 posts

theres also a bit about their meanings in there.
Yay I almost made it to Yari and it's only been three days. The user group should go past 1000 posts for people like you.
there really hasnt been much need for it, im the 5th person to make it over a thousand, that was just recently. *shrug* maybe things will change as more join the ranks.
LOL with over a thousand I dont see y not maybe I will be the 10th person to make it to 1000 dont know y i picked that number lol.
um what is a mentor? and how many do we have? where does that rank in with admin and advisor? is there any other titles? Oh all the questions
in order of what people can do as far as moving/editing posts/threads:

for a full list of team members click here
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