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What is 無理?


25 Nov 2002
Hi, can someone be kind enough to translate 無理 in English? I don't know that it means.

Thanks in advance!! I wish I can learn Japanese but I was a dyslectic when I was child so imagine me learning a new language! :D
"muri" means "unreasonable, impossible, that cannot be done..."

Japanese is probably a good language for you if you are/were dyslectic, as you can't really make any spelling mistakes. At best you can invert 2 kanji, but it's not that easy.
Hi hi! Thank you very much!

Hmm... didn't know that... maybe I will try to learn.. I usually just rely on those translation softwares...

Anyhoo.. I'm glad I found this forum! Seems like a friendly community (was browsing other threads)...

And oh yeah... course I'm new here.. so konnichiwa minasan (if anyone cares lol) 🙂 Also I like J-rock/pop.. my fave bands are Luna Sea, Glay, Gackt, Kotani Kinya, Larc en ciel.. well those r all I can remember for now... :p

Hi Jubichan, thanks for your kind words about the forum and welcome aboard! :)
Hi Thomas!

Thanks for the warm welcome!! 😄

Btw, I read most of the articles you post on the other boards... kept me up till 3am :eek:

Of course I take all the blame for your sleepless nights, lol! Glad you found some articles interesting.
Hi Jubichan and welcome!
Now that I read Larc en ciel in your post, I just listened to their song "Neo-Universe". Was pretty good, me thought.

"Anata wa.......kaze no youni....yasashiku....."♪♪
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