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what for a tea is this?


13 Aug 2003
Hi there,
I was told about "habu-cha" but didn't know what for a tea it exactly is.
Since its name is written with katakana, its no typical Japanese tea?
I don't find any translation for it nor what for tea it is.
thx for any replies 🙂

Oh, I just noticed, when I post the kanjis/kana from the jwpce I get only ??? instead of the symbols in the forum.
Why is that? Wrong font? Which one is the right one?
They have a Habu -shu fron okinawa. Habu being a local poisonous snake that is soacked in a delicious bath of awamori (like shochu)
Its supposed to make your male organs preform better.
Trying changing the clipboard export option of JWPce. Keep trying different ones such as Unicode or Shift-JIS until it works.

It sounds like you are talking about Herb tea as Johnathan suggests.
Ah yes, ty, I guess its herb tea then.
Thx too for the jwpc help. I'll try that.
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