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What exactly are "dorms"?


10 Jun 2005
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As much as I can refer it is a public room for more people to sleep.

I don't give much about that since I am on a tight budget to follow when I get to Japan
I saw this term in a lot of Japanese hotels when looking over internet.

Now I wonder, since I am on my own, can I actually book that?

Because the dorm things always speak from 4 to 6 people, so I assume you can only book that when you are in group?
I am referring now to the Kyoto "Tour Club"...

If anyone could enlighten me about this question wether it's a good idea or not to sleep in a dorm on my own or not AND that you can book a bed as a single person...

Thank you


5 Feb 2005
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dorms are room that you sleep in with more people yeah... you have dorms for 2 or 8 people from 10 to 24...

i remember this from australia, where i always slept in dorms... its not that bad because you meet a lot of other people, that can give you advice, and you can make friends for a live time!!!

you can book it alone, and dont need to book it as a group.

i would advice you to sleep in a dorm, if you want to sleep cheap, dont mind privacy that much, and want to meet people that are in the same situation as you!!!

( this is about australia, but i think this is the same for japan... if im wrong people please ...)
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