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What does this say?


25 Jun 2016
What does this say?


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The object is apparently Chinese. Each line is read from right to left. The first line says 江西 (Jiangxi), which is a province of China. The second line says 景德鎮 (Jingdezhen), which is a city in Jiangxi province, known as the porcelain capital (Jingdezhen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am not sure about the third line, but it is almost certainly the name of the person or studio which created the work. A person skilled at reading Chinese should be able to decipher the third line.
Last line looks like 各1食.
I don't speak Chinese, but my guess is that its just something like Dinner Set #1,
or 1 Place Setting, or some such.
What do you mean " want to express"?
I said "it would be a fake" in a humble manner. The radical of the second kanji 徳 doesn't seem to be 彳 gyōninben. (Plus, I don't think there is a real 景徳鎮 that has 景徳鎮 mark on it.)
The last character in the last line might be a defaced 甕 or something. The component at the bottom looks like 瓦.
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