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What does this phrase mean?

Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
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Jason Williams got this just before the 1999-00 season, it means "insane" in Japanese but it also has another meaning which could be determined as inappropriate so when he was in Japan for the first two games of the 2000 season he covered it with a wristband.

so, what 'inappropriate' meaning it has??
it's a discriminatory word at present in Japan. it means, *sigh*, Herkimer Jerkimer, batty, cracko, ding-dong or something. I'm sorry to have written such words. no offence.
kichigai is more politically incorrect than bad imo. However it seems it's on the list of banned broadcasting words and is considered to be a discriminatory word meaning lunatic or maniac. I wonder what the PC word is...
It's a good question....I'm only familiar with 精神異常 as a more neutral synonym....aren't 狂気 and 狂人 also on the 差別語list?
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