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Help What does this mean?

It is the word for she-devil or female demon (night + cross/fork in a road) = 夜叉, I'm just not sure how it got this much exposure being associated with a dog (犬夜叉)....
Konnichiwa Mina-san!

Originally, Yasha(Yaksa) is a ancient god in India. And Yasya came into Japan with the introduction of Buddhism.

In Japan, Yasya is a demon. But Yasha has an another side, guardian god of Buddhism. The most famous Yasha in Japan is the Kishibojin. She is the goddess of childbirth and children.

Yasha is a male? or female? Originally, ancient god Yasha(Yaksa) has not the distinction of sex. But there is a feminine noun "Yaksi" in India. And in Japan, Yasha means both sex, male and female.

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