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What do you think about Japanese movies?


31 Jul 2003
I find them quite interesting eventhough they seem kind of long and dull. They make some real morbid movies, I must say.:eek:
that's very true...
I must say though that Japanese *animated* films are way ahead of any other country in terms of exploring different areas...
they are really quite amazing!:)
Anyone see the movie " Voice"? I think that movie is from Korea.
I thought that movie was better than the original Ringu. It had more frightening surprises as the Ringu was more spookier towards the end, What do you guys think?
ringu spawned videogames and etc
somebody was watching the amer verz in another room while i was on their computer
i heard a woman screaming
so i guess it's pretty scary
i'll see it when somebody here rents it again and report back
mmm.....................The Ring...................one of my favorites...

Watch it at night, and you'll find out if it's scary soon enough. Well, it kinda isn't, but it's more surprising.

Another reason why I like it is that it makes you think about what's happening, unlike some movies that it's obvious what will happen, and is the whole 'Fairy Tale' movie.

And I don't like happy endings, so I love Japanese films. Everyone hated Final Fantasy, but I liked it when everyone died, 'cept for the old guy, and the chick. Morbid endings are what people aren't expecting. So I guess I'm solidifying dadio's point.
Yeah, it is more scarier at night. After seeing Sadako coming throught the screen, I couldn't get that image out of my head for a while. That was the best part.

Yeah, I think Japanese movies are good for real life. They don't play up to the expected happy ending. I like them because they are more real life and seem to be more amateur than hollywood movies. I seem to like the amateur movies more sometimes. I think that's what draws me to them in a way.

You have to watch the voice though. Tell me what you think. Wait, you in the U.S. now, right? If you ever come to Japan, rent the movie. It's coming out in October on DVD. Pretty wicked, I must say. :eek:
Neato. I will, and if I like it as much as you say, I'll get the DVD to love and to hold, forever and ever. Now,......just to get Sadako out of my mind........
Some really special Japanese movies

--> Shall We Dance
--> Taxing Women

More Comments On Japanese Movies
Most seem to have a standard plot, girl and guy
find Mobsters money. They are on the run from Mobster
and his gang. This involves many events like money is
in a car which is stolen exc. exc. exc. Mobsters almost
catch them or catch one of them. At the end they girl
and guy are injured but get away.

Oh Yeah, the girl and guy don't like each other at first.

Somebody else that's seen After-Life! Isn't it just the best film ever? I've never seen anything so beautifully shot.. : )
After-Life, The Idea Was Good


The idea behind the movie, the story is something.

You get to take one memory to the after-life. It really
was interesting how that hit people into looking
at their lives.

It really was something


Damn good film! Watched it a couple of months ago in colledge. very sad. makes you think about what you would choose for a film of your life, or what your lovedones would choose for a memory of their life.


Well Ringu isnt a boring piece of cinema, just real kowai! The second one is rubbish and a let down, but the scene in the house is good, with the Sadako and the mirror moving about.

the third one is real original and very sad, me and my sister cried lots.Nakimashita yo! but good when sadako goes for a walk through the forest killing 'actors.'
hold on!! actors getting murdered in a forest. someting strange here! Im gonna look into the semiotics of this. Definatly a metaphor!
like the soldiers in Battle Royale or Godzilla!

but like my old colledge had loads of those old 60s jap flicks about the yakuza, never watched them but they were all similar mobster in a horried green suit tries to kill the hero mobster in a horrid pink suit, they all have bright clothes.

but there was one gooood film but all I can remember is the kids at the start watching wrestling when they tell their mum they are learing english at their friends house. and like it is very 60s japanese. very cute too.
The LONE WOLF AND CUB movies are some of my faves, western action movies can't even come close to the fight sequences in those films.
Unfortunately i have to rely on subtitles so my scope for japanese movies is limited to what the west wants to import but hopefully i can get some reccomendations from you guys here.
Hello. I recently watched 2 Japanese films, which are waterboys and ping pong. They were so funny and gave me genki. If you watch it with dvd, can have english subtitles as well.
If you are looking for scary/disturbing movies, check out Audition, this was seriously the most disturbing movie I have ever seen by far.

Also, speaking of Shall We Dance, it seems that Hollywood is doing a remake of it starring Richard Gere and J Lo...
audition - definitely a bit freaky...probably the wierdest thing about it is that the first half an hour-ish is almost like a romantic comedy in a way...and the rest is..lets say...not a romantic comedy..heh heh

i want to see after life - it was on tv not too long ago but i missed it...rats.

i love rashomon...and also sansho dayu - such an under rated film!
🙂 Hello 🙂

Im new to this forum but i saw this thread and had to respond

One of my fav movie (not sure of it's origin 😊 )

but it's called "the Duel" I've never seen any other movie with effects like that before

but i guess it is because i am from canada and we dont have much Movies like that anywhere.

oh well just one of those things that you have to get past

but when i come over to japan (hopefully teaching)

i will be sure to check out this movies ^_^
Welcome to the Forum Swifty.

Oh and for m477 and jovial_jon, I watched Audition recently. Kinda odd in the end, but I liked it. Eerie how everything gets so upbeat and mushy, and then creepy and disturbing all within a few minutes.

Oh and 'The Duel' was a pretty good movie, I thought the SFX were cool and the action good. I watched the action movie, 'Muscle Heat' recently, but with special effects not as great as 'The Duel'. But fighting none the less.
No one has even mentioned The Seven Samurai... Ran... Black Rain... The Go Master (possibly the greatest bit of drama about Sino-Japanese relations in the 30' and 40's. It's in Chinese and Japanese, so be ready for subtitles...if you can even find it). Oh well, guess I'm too old fashioned.
somebody i know said ran is too long
i haven't seen it yet, so i don't know
have had the ak box set from criterion for a while now, but haven't finished sevsam yet :eek:
but the film looks good to me. movies like tetsuo body hammer look like soap opera style to me -- a lot of overacting?
Originally posted by Mandylion
No one has even mentioned The Seven Samurai... Ran... Black Rain... The Go Master (possibly the greatest bit of drama about Sino-Japanese relations in the 30' and 40's. It's in Chinese and Japanese, so be ready for subtitles...if you can even find it). Oh well, guess I'm too old fashioned.

Yes! The Seven Samurai! Unforgettable movie!
Forbidden not to mention this one!!!👏
I've just started watching Japanese movies, so far I've seen Versus, Princess Blade, Battle Royale, a few others. I thought they were pretty good movies.
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