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What do you think about Evangelion?


9 Dec 2003
I been watching it on the Anime on Demand channel on Digital cable and I'm in love with the anime;)
I seen they had planned to make a live action movie of it, and seen one japanese page of preview "images" as they said of it.
Look interesting and all.
I also been hearing that one maybe in the works with the makers of the lord of the rings backing them up, but we will need to wait and see.
I will try to keep updated as the days go by.
Evangelion rules, all anime rules, I swear, every one i watched i became obsessed, right now im obsessed with Naruto, oh yeah, PLEASE TRY AZUMANGA DAIOH! funny stuff :)
Evangelion is a mental twister you go up and down all the time you sometimes are happy, like in the one with pen and shinji are eating breakfast. Sloppy Misato comes rolling in and has a beer for breakfast (sorry about my spelling; I'm a bit dyslexic).
I've only seen the first episode of Neon Genisis Evangelion. I watched it on sunday and i really really want to watch the rest of them now!!!! they deploy unit 01 and then the credits roll!! gah!!! :D ...my friend is coming back from university for christmas at the weekend and he's bringing back all the episodes, so i'll be able to watch them all.....weeee!!!!! 😄

Haha, ha iv seen all of them ha ..ha ..hah well, think about it I haven't seen the last movie yet, damn, why are there two of them damn.

Please refrain from using profanity in the future.
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I seen up to ep 22 and trust me it just gets better.
You will love it even more when you see what Unit 01 does.:D
You will like the gruesome part later on.. especially if you watch the movie version of the evangelion which was released after the tv series.
I think it a very Wel-Done and Organized anime. I was wondering if anyone has seen the Improved version of Eva?

I would give it 2 Thumbs up and for all you fans.The eva Movies are Worht the Wach
yeah, gotta love whatever those "Eva's" ARE!! AHAHAHAhAHA Rawr! :) unit-01 owns all, except its paint job... i like black :)
Evangelion was one of the first 'anime series' I watched, and it blew the hell outta me. Wait till you get to Instrumentality...
Or better yet the End of Evangelion. :mad:

Clearly one of my fav anime!
Bought End of Evangelion and Death/Rebirth while i was in japan last year, wasnt cheap :p Good to watch tho, real hard cause it was all japanese :eek:
I dont like evangelion cuz its too many robots there and my bro love that anime and wants me to watch it, but i hate robots.(dont know why)
actualy I love the series. It starts out looking like just another giant robot series and slowly develops into so much more ^^
I'm one of those people who loved the last two episodes where it became very pyscological, I can't believe the creator got death threats over it... but that did get him to do the movies which is an interesting little fact ^^;
Well, it was the first anime series I watched. It was cool back then, but nowadays I've seen so many better series.
Still, I'll have to watch the whole thing again just for old times' sake.

Originally posted by Arekkusu
I seen they had planned to make a live action movie of it, and seen one japanese page of preview "images" as they said of it.
Hmm, you still have that site? I've somehow managed to miss all talk of any live action eva.
Hmm... if they do, they better have some cute girl do asuka... not some shy girl who isn't tempermental.. and eva rules, how can u say it sucks..., if you wanna see sucky, watch umm... hmm... all anime is good... -.-
I've seen all the episodes, and hey I enjoyed it! I usually hear, "I didn't understand the story" from people who've seen it.
Same here...I dont find it confusing at all. Is it true the anime involves Japanese religion?
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