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What do you think about animatrix


12 Jun 2003
Hi everyone!

Has anyone seen the new matrix's beside Matrix reloaded I am talking about Animatrix I just wanna know if it is good or not I wanna get your thought's about it. If you have any suggestions or anything I should get beside's AnimMatrix? Please give me your reviews on the movie .:)
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i've only seen a few but i like them :) everyone seesm to say the flight of the osiris is the best one but i quite like program more than all the others

i'd get it if i had the cash lol!
I've only seen about the first four episodes in the AniMatrix, but from what I've seen its really good. Definately worth the money to buy the DVD, assuming its atleast less then $50 CDN ^^;;

But from what I know, theres 9 episodes, directed by 7 of the most well known anime directors ?_? Its really good though. My favourite so far is the train scene while the private eye is trying to light his cigerrate while pointing his gun^^; (not saying anymore so I cant spoil anything^.~)
I thought it rocked. It definitely enhaced my enjoyment of the Matrix Reloaded. Can't wait to round the funds to buy it...
I might get the DVD tonight. I've seen the first 4 episodes as well. Great stuff.
Hi to all! I have seen Animatrix Dvd (spoken in italian) and i can say that it's very great! I love matrix, and animatrix is wonderful for every matrix fan! Buy it!
I saw the first 4 free movies available on the net and they are awesome. I think that only that first batch are worth forking up 50 bucks on a DVD (though I hope nobody related to Animatrix will read this or I'l get tarred and feathered).


I specially enjoyed Renaissance Part I and II. They finally give a background of what happened between Men Machine and what went wrong.

Anyway, this gave me an idea for a new thread. :)
The Animatrix is great, really what you can expect from the great anime masters they got to work on the project.

The stories are all completely different and often you wonder what they actually ment. But when I then read some interviews with the creators (in Newtype USA) I really got to understand them and even appreciate them more.

Definately worth the money if you like either anime or The Matrix (both is a plus of course)

9/10 (nothing's perfect ya know ;))
I've watched all nine episodes now and the ones written by the Wachowski brothers themselves are actually mandatory to watch, since they are actually intwined with the storyline of the movies.

The Second Renaissance shows history from before the first Matrix movie.
Kid's Story introduces you to a character from Reloaded and Final Flight of the Osiris leads in the videogame Enter the Matrix.
Yeah... mostly all clips are really cool (i didn't like the detective story...) - esspecially "the last flight of the osiris" was damn cool... 😌 not only because the butt of the girl...
I've seen them all, they are all pretty good, great animation, weird story lines, not entirely related to each other, but fills you in on a few bits of the matrix story that's not in any the movie trilogy.

I'd say they are like a couple of chapters in a book.
But fantastic animation. I recommend that you do get the dvd cos it gives you an insight into what each director and animator had in mind when they created their animes.

You really need to have an open mind when you watch this, there are alot of metephors, very well done.
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