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What do you do when your friend stabs you in the back?


29 Jan 2003
My buddy Chris, we been friends a LONG time, I like his girlfriend, he doesnt like her, he has made out with A LOT of girls since they have been going out so I told him "hey, you cant be doing that now, you got weight on your shoulders (His girlfriend) and he says F u Machine. I say alright so I leave, he told his girlfriend that I was doing all of that and not him ( I dont smoke or shoot-up ANYTHING, drugs can f*** up your life plus I dont want to be having sex with strange women whove ive never seen before) and now she hates me, isnt that a B*
Hmmm, yes your right "that's a b" but don't fret, you will have your chance to speak to the lady in question and "put things right" he is doing what a lot of young men do, "covering his tracks" (Its not me!!!) and using a friend to do it, he must feel something for this lady, or he wouldn't blame you!! My advice as a female is, Don't fight with him, stay close to him and eventually the subject in question will come up in conversation, all you have to do is, claim no responsibility and question your friend in front of this lady about his tales of woe!!! Then she will see that somethings not right and your in the clear, ( to proceed as your intension is!! Get the girl). I do hope I have assisted in your predicament(spell?) don't lose heart, have patients(spell?) sorry my spelling has always been this awful🙂
It may not be because of feelings that he is covering is tracks. Perhaps she knows his parents or maybe she's just a trophy, or maybe he's just afraid of beign left alone.
I have seen many awckward situations, like for instance, one guy that doesn't get married with his girlfriend because he hopes that another girl he knows, will develop feelings for him. It's been 4 years since that situation started...

My advice would be to get yourself out of between those two. She won't listen to you because you're just a friend and he is her boyfriend, and if she knows you like her, then it will look more suspicious from your part. Leave things be.
I only agree with Deborah in one point: Be patient.
@ Lineartube🙂 🙂 words of wisdom and experience, maybe you are right, I have never been in that kind of situation, and I never wish to be, may-be If I where I could use your words and deliver your point as directly as you did, 🙂
How-ever this relationship doesn't seem to be an honest one nor a trustworthy one, the guy has all the time out (dating others), and the little lady has left hearing tales of a supposed friends antics! And of course, the friend becomes a womanizer, and the boyfriend remains a saint, any fella worth his salt( so to speak) would not let that happen, especially to a lady that does not deserve it! That's only my opinion, it's not written in stone, and I'm sure that many people would disagree with my approach and confront this fella straight to his face (in front of the lady). I would not seek revenge, only justice to the innocent,😌
Now i know i'm young with not a lot of experince to talk about but i completely agree, you MUST be patient. If you confront him do not do it in an angry way be laid back about it and be very very careful about what you say. somethings may come back to bite you. for example, if she knows you like her (as they were saying) then she may think your just trying to break her and her boy friend up so you can have her (which is not the best way to go trust me ;))
I have to admit you've taken this well, i probably would of tried to get proof that he was lying and cheating and i would totaly put him in his place but then again thats me 😊
But like i said just be calm and dont ever loose your temper, that will make you look even worse and kinda desperate.
I know this may sound very violent, but if I were stabbed in the back by my friend, I would stab him/her back many more times and finally, twist the knife and cut off all his/her intestines, veins...
Feisty, aren't we? ;)

That's pretty rotton stuff, I have to admit. I'd have to say tell the girl the truth. Then perhap tell her that her boyfriend is doing all that stuff and say "even if you don't believe me." And maybe suggest you two do a little "spying" to get back on that rat friend (fiend?) to show you're not lying. :box:
Originally posted by Rosie
I know this may sound very violent, but if I were stabbed in the back by my friend, I would stab him/her back many more times and finally, twist the knife and cut off all his/her intestines, veins...
YAY someone thinks like me 😄
although i would stab them in the face, grab a funnel pour some bleach down there throught and watch as there intestince boil and get eatin away HAHA :devilish:
but seriously i dont now what i would do cause my freinds are loyal and they dont do that stuff. if a freind stabs you in the back then they werent that great of a freind to begin with and your better of without them
I think you should tell that girl the truth. You don't deserve that reputation. After you do that, then give her space for a while. She will see her lousy boyfriend for what he is sooner or later.
If you give her space, maybe she will come to you when she finds out the truth about him. Maybe you will have a chance to develop a friendship anew from there. Good Luck! 🙂
I don't know if MAchine is still looking at this page, but if he is, here goes.

I feel your pain, I had a similar situation. It sucks losing a close friend like that. There isn't much you can do about it, except cut the guy out like a diseased tumor and move on. But before you do that, maybe you should make sure what his motives are. You never know what goes on in other peoples heads. He may have heard something that you "suposedly" did and then reacted. But If he still acts like an ***, drop him like dead weight. I used to go on when people who I thought were my friends did that and let me tell you, it gets you nowhere. All you end up with is a person that will screw you over at every turn. If he doesnt realize what he has lost with the end of your friendship, and doesnt want it back, then you are better off not being his friend. He may have been friends with you in the past, but people change over time, or your perception of them change.

Furthermore, with the girl, I think its your right to tell her, especially if you are friends with her as well. The guy sounds like scum, and if you like her then there is something about her that makes her a good person (unless you like a bad girl). If that is the case then he doesn't deserve to be with her either.

hope that helps
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