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what do you do when you have spare time

i watch anime, play video games or talk to my friends on the phone. If it is good rain then i walk in it to get wet.
are you asking strictly nihonjin or anyone?

it must be only for japanese people :sing:
edit: i hope so :)
listen and play music
watch and play basketball

I like to walk in the rain

I play basketball in the rain,most of the time I will be alone in the basketball court but I still enjoy it
Sometimes I could ask "what spare time?" ;)

But ok. Go to the movies, draw/paint, listen to music, go for a walk, watch some tv, go to a spinning class, go clubbing,and think about making clothes...I rarely have time to actually do them, I just have a pile of fabrics that's getting bigger and bigger.. :)
The rain is nice. It's better than sun. I like to read manga, draw, listen to music, and put stuff off for later that I should be doing.
I'll walk through the rain sometimes if it isn't raining to hard. If it is, I seem to get in the mood to write poetry. Usually about my crush. I' such a sap for romance. :p
I love to be out doing something....

Whats the word for a person who HATES being in the house....well thats me.

I play games, watch movies, read, draw, all types of stuff. talk on the phone, shopp,

When i get free time i like doodling...playing online computer games..playing on my consoles... going out skateboarding street or at one of the local skateparks....same with my bmx....go riding bmx tracks on my jump bike...play my guitar....hanging out with me bu-uddies...going to the cinema...bowling....boozing....boogying...


If it's raining then I like to read or draw.
Any thing else it's paint ball.
watch Anime, read Manga/other books, draw, listen to or play music... go online, whatever I feel like doing at that moment!
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