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What do Japanese Girls like?


26 Oct 2015
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Could you use spellcheck and perhaps write just a bit more carefully and clearly, please?

Japanese girls are just like girls anywhere else. Incredibly varied. There is no way to really answer your question. I've met incredibly shy Japanese girls who have no interest in relationships whatsoever, and I have seen girls that are incredibly outgoing. I've seen rude, kind, funny and so on and so on and so on.

I'd focus less on trying to find a way to game the system and just be yourself. If that turns out to not be enough, then take some steps to improve ^^.

I read your post. I have read all of your posts. In this particular case I had nothing to remark about except the bizarre syntax and numerous spelling errors. One would expect better from someone professing an intention to come to Japan and teach English. I also post from an iPhone and iPad, as do others. We don't use our choice of device to excuse sloppy or careless posts. Look around at the posts from other members and notice that everyone does their best to write/spell well here. It is a mark of regard for one's readers.

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Your point was totally lost. I actually thought you were not a native-speaker and just couldn't write English coherently.

Sorry Sorry! Ok using my iphone as an excuse is lame. I posted in an awful manner by not looking over what I typed and that is inexcusable period.

To the belief I was not an native english speaker is forgiving for how awful I wrote. It didn't take any offense to that comment and like to make it up to everyone by making sure my post are not like that again.

I did reply to Mark of Zero post on over aggression as a turn off to Japanese Girls. I wanted to give a personal example that over aggression is a turn off for anyone period and just commonsense. I felt not Mark of Zero comment, but the Topic was stereotypical.

In samurai defense I believe he had good intentions, however I cannot know for sure. I do believe a few replys sounded childish from others and in total things got a little out of hand. I wanted to share somethings personal to break up the fighting, however I got a whole lot of hurt for my unprofessional post. My apologies


6 Mar 2003
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It's like a piranha feeding frenzy the minute we see some wrong grammar & misspellings. haha. Glad you survived.
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