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What Colour Hair would YOUR anime girlfriend have?"


17 Jan 2004
What Colour Hair would YOUR anime girlfriend have?

I was a bit shocked when I got my answer...

*collapses* 😍
I'd go with pink. And if she happened to be handy with a sword, that'd be cool too! :D
The same Red as Kei

My Anime Girl friend would have to have the same Red hair as Kei or the Dirty Pair.

A good second choice would the the lovely pink tresses of Kurumi
I'd like to have Lacus clyne ( pink) as a GF, as long as we are talking about anime. A real life Girl with Pink hair will just look like a freak
Blue is usually best when the hair is long or in some unreal style. Pink is best if the hair is short (ear length), straight, and normal. Yeah, I study this stuff. XD
Your girlfriend has Orange hair!

I really like orange! :haihai:

Hmm... just tried something - changed the last question (your preferred hair color for the girl) from "Orange" to "Blonde" (would also be fine by me) and got this:
Your girlfriend has Blonde hair!

I'll just take both of them 😍
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