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13 Oct 2003
Ever have those times when you just can't grasp a concept? That describes me pretty well right now, so how about we all put something down that we're trying to grasp in this delicate language (the entire language itself doesn't count:))

Right now..I'm trying to learn how to create modifying clauses..I can read them with little to no problem, but can't seem to make them without busting a brain cell.

明日来る人たち - People (who are) coming tomorrow.
明日来ない人たち - People (who are) not coming tomorrow.
昨日来た人たち - People (who) came yesterday.
昨日来なかった人たち - People (who) didn't come yesterday.

And getting more complex:

Mr.Tanaka is a lawyer who works for ABC.

Mr. Tanaka is the person who is reading a book over there.

Whom is the person wearing glasses?

No matter how much I read, the skill of being able to form these sentences just doesn't take place..Maybe I'm thinking about it from too much of an "English Grammar" viewpoint? Any advice is appreciated! And post what you're having trouble with so we can help you :)
Haha yup! I couldn't find Volumes 2 or 3 anywhere..But over the weekend I went to Kinokuniya bookstore in New York and it seems they have every book that's ever been published in Japanese :p
People who don't understand Japanese always come here.

Seriously, I can't work out what you're having trouble with.
Could you give examples of Japanese sentences you don't understand or
English sentences you cant put into Japanese?
What I do is say the phrase I'm having problems with in English with the Japanese syntax. I do it so much it begins to sound fine to me. So I would say, using Paul's example, Japanese-don't understand-people always come here. Emphasize people in that sentence like it's the most important thing (which I believe it is) and keep repeating it and you'll be on your way.

This has worked for me so far, but I'm positive once the sentences get more complicated then so will this method. What the hey, though. It works now.

I hope this helps;)

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