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What are those vertical planks with names called?

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4 Apr 2014
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Have no image to post here, but they are generally arranged in rows on a wall at some collective use facilities (workplaces, sports clubs etc.) and look like this:
|氏| |氏| |氏| |氏 | |氏| |氏| |氏| |氏| |氏| <- one row of vertical planks
|名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名|
|氏| |氏| |氏| |氏 | |氏| |氏| |氏| |氏| |氏| <- another row of vertical planks
|名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名| |名|
I've never seen more than two rows so far.
Oh, and i also believe they are two-sided planks. The name on the one side is in black paint while on the other side it is in red.
Don't know what they're called, but the purpose is to show who is there and who is absent/away. Each person turns their own card to show their status. The different colors make it easy to see at a glance each person's status. The actual name of the board may vary slightly according to where it is used.
Thanks for clarifying their purpose Mike. Actually i could make an assumption of their purpose from as little observation of people interacting with the planks as i had.

I'm still looking for the correct term, so if anyone knows what to call them - please leave a reply.
The individual planks are just 札 or 名札. I think the whole board as a system is a 出退表示bor 出退表示盤. The part before 表示 could change depending on the nature of the location. I remember seeing one at the entrance to a tunnel construction site that was labeled 入坑者表示 or something like that, for example.
That would be it! Thank you for your effort Mike, appreciate that.
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